Little Bits

  • The pile of laundry grows at a faster rate in direct proportion to the frequency of which you go to the gym.
  • Lyz and Chris (and even Avery upon once accidentally seeing K’s picture) have decided that K looks just like Jenn.  I didn’t see it.  Until Sunday.  K was wearing cargo shorts, a button down shirt, a baseball cap, and sunglasses.  I see it now.  But I still think K is much better looking.  Much better body, bigger muscles, legs that aren’t supposedly all muscle, but actually all muscle.  Her eyes are actually green, not pretend green.
  • I sneezed three times in a row Sunday night.  K said “Bless you once, twice, three times a lady”, I laughed.  I swear sometimes I am dating Jenn’s good twin.  Why did I get stuck with the evil twin for so long?
  • I had considered a whole password protected post for today, but decided I was too much of a lady (three times a lady as a matter of fact) to do it.
  • Saturday I went to Field of Screams with Lyz, Chris and Louisa.  We had a lot of fun.  I swear Lyz wears a sign that says “Scare her!!”.
  • After Field of Screams, Lyz invited me out, for an hour, with some of her friends from high school.  I went.  Lyz smiled, she said she loves it when I surprise her by doing things that the Jennified me wouldn’t have done.  We went out, we drank, we had a blast.  We came home 5 hours later.  It felt good.
  • Last night Lyz and Chris had softball so it was just me and the girls.  We painted our nails all funky and had a total blast doing it.
  • I am now a Tastefully Simple consultant.  I’m not sure I will be a good one, but it will at least be fun for awhile!
  • My scrapbook is caught up.  To the day.  This is amazing.
  • I got a Kindle.  It makes life at the gym so much more fun!!!
  • I gained three pounds in two days even though I was being diligent in what I was eating.  I blame the few days before and beer bread for the weight gain.
  • I went shopping yesterday and got three shirts and a pair of pants for just under $16.  I’m wearing the pants today, I may have to return them, they keep falling off my hiney.
  • Weightloss=need to buy new underwear.  I’m actually going to go do that (online) after I publish this post.
  • Lyz and Chris went somewhere the other day and she stopped to give me a kiss on the cheek before she left…for some reason that simple little act made my night.
  • Drama Llamas should be outlawed.
  • Facebook should have to sign a contract that they will leave well enough alone.
  • My birthday is next week and it is going to be the best birthday ever.  Why??  Picture this.  Lyz.  Me. New York City.  A personal invitation to the Martha Stewart show.  Life is good people.  Life is good.

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