Let me introduce you to…

me!!!  The new and improved me.  Which, interestingly enough is really a lot like the old me, but way happier.  Wayyyy more in control of my own life.  Way less shy.  And most importantly, weigh less!!!

Here is my official before (I wish I had a real before of me in a sports bra and a pair of shorts!!

I have lost 85 pounds since mid-November of last year.  I have lost and entire Avery, plus more.  Proof??  Here is Avery and I in a pair of pants that I purchased last November that were actually a little too tight when I bought them:

Avery and I wore those pants together for about 15 minutes walking around the house. We laughed and laughed and had way too much fun.

Here is that same pair of pants with my new favorite skirt laying on top…so exciting!!

I’m not kidding you when I tell you I walked into the dressing room with a skirt 2 sizes larger than that, and gasped when it was too big. Grabbed the next smallest size and tears started flowing down my cheeks. Grabbed that one and it fit perfectly! I cried. Tears flowing down my cheeks full on bawling as I looked at myself in the mirror with a skirt 5 sizes smaller than I used to wear!!!

So now me. I apologize for the poor picture quality. But here I am!!

The shirt isn’t that tight, I just pulled it back so you could see my new and improved waistline. I am so proud of me!! And I’m not done yet! I want to lose another 115 pounds. This may actually be an unreachable goal, I really have to think about it. 92 more pounds would be the other option.

Now, for an additional treat…did you notice anything different in the above pictures?? Maybe of my hair?? Check this out:

I am in love with my hair! I have tried to do this myself so many times. So I finally went and got it professionally done!!
My mom-Oh.
Lyz-I love it!!
Chris-You’re a freak.
Delaney-Pink!! Purp!!! Pink!! Purp!! (Repeat for five minutes) *Hands down my favorite reaction*
Avery-Oh my gosh!!
K-Hi Rainbow Brite!
Boss-Did you do something different with your hair? I like it.
Boss (two hours later)-IS YOUR HAIR PINK AND PURPLE???? How did I not notice that earlier???

I’m liking new old me!! I’m crafting again. I caught up my scrapbook last night. I am the me that used to exist, and the me that I’ve been wanting to be! There is NO ONE to hold me back anymore!! Thank you for my freedom!!!!


12 thoughts on “Let me introduce you to…

  1. Wow, you look awesome! I love the hair, and I LOVE the teeny skirt! Congratulations–you’ll get at least another Avery off in no time if you keep it up!

  2. I would be interested to hear a bit about how you lost the weight – I got a look at myself in a video my Mom took of my daughter recently, and something needs to be done. I’m feeling stressed and lonely and that makes me eat, and I can’t seem to muster the willpower to stop. You’ve done so wonderfully, I’d really love some advice! You look amazing and it’s so touching to see you mentioning all these things that make you happy! ❤

  3. You look AMAZING!!!! And the hair is super cute and fun… I too would love to know what you did and how you did it! I too, have a couple of averies to lose (is that the plural of avery? I mean there really is only ONE, but, well, you KWIM) and would love some inspiration!
    On another note– you SOUND amazing! Which is probably more important… I am so happy for you!

    I send big giant hugs from here (as usual)…

  4. OMG, you look amazing! And on top of that it looks like you finally believe you are amazing…..and that makes me really, really happy! ~Beth LA (how many Beth’s are in your life, can I drop the LA?)

  5. Heidi- you look awesome!! You can really tell in your arms. I too want to know how you did it. So proud of you!

    You sound so content and you’re smiling! Yay!

  6. I’m so proud of you. 🙂 Not even necessarily for the weight loss, but for taking control of your life, and doing things that make you happy. ❤

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