How Heidi Spent her Friday

I had another one of my favorite days yesterday.  It is amazing how many favorite days I have.  My life is so full of light and love!!

First, I had spent the night at K’s so we went for breakfast before she went to work.

When I got home, the house was empty.  I texted Lyz to find out where they were and then went and found them.  We went to a hair salon, then lunch and then to the local HUGE pet store, where I made an impromptu purchase.  Meet Brock Ferdinand Fish (BFF for short):

Avery helped me pick him out.  When we got him home she kept referring to him as “our” fish.  Um, he’s mine.  He will sleep in my room with me silly.  Then she started trying to name him.  I said “his name is Ferdinand” She argued “No, his name is Brock.”  We took the argument downstairs and without saying who liked who name, asked Lyz, Chris and Delaney their opinion.  Delaney-Brock.  Chris-Brock.  Lyz-“the sad thing is that I can’t figure out which the 5 year old choose and which the 33 year old choose.”  So, Brock won.  But I still got to give him his middle name at least.

After that we were all just hanging around watching Chris clean the big fish tank.  I had not been looking forward to Halloween this year, so I decided to jump in full force.  **Do you play on Pinterest??  I absolutely love that site and have been spending way too much time there.*  Avery and I picked out a craft and then ran to the craft store to get the supplies that we would need.  Here is our final creations:


Delaney’s and Lyz’s with Delaney’s help:


You can see on the left of Avery’s pumpkin is a Frankenstein, then it says Boooo Ohhhh and Ahhhh and below that her name.  Not to mention the awesome glittered spiders.

We had a blast making these pumpkins, and have a huge list of other crafts that we want to make before the season.  There will also be a special guest making an apperance in the house during the month of October!!  Stay tuned.

As for another sneak peek…stay tuned next week for a huge post about me!!  here is a quick sneak peek:

(those of you who follow me on facebook, do not give away what the above REALLY EDITED picture is of!!)


One thought on “How Heidi Spent her Friday

  1. aight, now I am dying of curiosity…my super-secret f/b id is: “persimmon lobelia farthing” (no one is tracking me down without my say-so!) Friend me if you have a chance 🙂 Good luck in the storm!

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