On Being an Aunt

I have a favorite aunt, her name is Kari.  Of all my aunts she is the closest in age to me, and the one I have spent the most time with, but it isn’t just because of that, that she is my favorite.  Kari is a rockin aunt.  It is her that I aim to be like when it comes to my nieces.  She is the cool aunt.  Sure, we had our ups and downs including her getting the cool Cabbage Patch Kid with red hair while I got one with brown hair.  But for the most part we were inseparable.  I even lived with her for awhile when I came back from college.

So now I strive to be like her.  I plan fun activities for my nieces.  I go out of the way to make sure they feel 100% loved by their live-in aunt.  I do not want to take the place of their real aunts, but since I live with them I get to spread my love all over them almost every day.

For example…as I kissed them goodbye on my way out the door this morning Delaney begged to be taken to work with me.  I held her in my arms and explained that today would be a no fun day to go to work with Na.  I told her that someday I would make sure she could come to work with me.  She liked this answer and gave me my goodbye kissey, all wet and sloppy right on the mouth.

For example…yesterday, we went to Shady Maple for breakfast.  Glossing over the fact that she pulled my skirt off so that all of the people dining had their breakfast ruined by my naked hiney, I held Delaney, even in a public restroom while she went to the bathroom.  A few hours later while shopping I had to take her and Avery to the bathroom with me.  “Na poop” she asked?  Yes.  I hold you.  And she wrapped her arms around me.

For example…Avery had spent Saturday and Sunday night at her Aunt Danyelle’s house.  While I was thrilled for her, it made me miss her to pieces on Monday morning.  I was glad to get some one on one time with Delaney on Monday, but it was odd not having both girls all to myself.

For example…love.  I love them.  I make sure to tell them at least 87 million times a day how much I love them.  I give them hugs, or pick them up off the floor just to squeeze them and shower their faces with kisseys.

For example…Ring-o Flamingo.  While I love this game for the simple fact that it has flamingos on it, I would not have bought it if I didn’t think the girls would have a blast playing it.  When Delaney finally scored her first point after hours and hours of playing we all cheered!!  I hope they have this memory of me forever.

Even if we were to grow apart in years to come, I hope that when they have nieces of their own they can look back on their time with Na and smile.  I hope that I can be the aunt that they want to model themselves after.

3 thoughts on “On Being an Aunt

  1. Thanks Heidi!
    It has been a blast being the “rockin cool aunt”. Having great nieces and nephews had made it all the more fun! From everything that I see on your blog, you are achieving “rockin coolness” as well!

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