Yesterday I spent the morning looking at wedding dresses.  Do not panic, I have no plans to get married quite yet.  I actually came to a very good decision.  I have decided that I am going to become a professional bride.  I loved planning my wedding and it was a really wonderful wedding.  But there were changes I would’ve made.  (#1 being spend more on flowers.)  And dress shopping!!!  I can think of few things more fun than dress shopping!!! (Especially since when I went funeral dress shopping I discovered that I am in yet another smaller size!!) So, I figure about every 2-3 years I will get a divorce, force some unsuspecting woman to fall in love with me, plan a wonderful wedding and then start all over again!!  Sounds delightful to me 🙂


Today I have a different daydream arranged.  The following is a text conversation:
Me: Why do we have jobs?

K: So we don’t get bored?

Me: Well that sucks, I’m bored at work!

K: So we can live indoors and eat?

Me: I want to go live in the woods and be 100% self sufficient.

K: Sounds good to me.  You garden, I’ll hunt.

Me: I will be raising chickens and cows for eggs and milk.  Oh, and sheep for wool.

K: Okay, but I get one cow, one pig and lots of chickens to eat each year right?

Me: Um, any animals you plan on eating you will be raising yourself.  Otherwise I will become attached and have to spend days in bed mourning their loss.

K: Alright, I will make you a feather bed.

Me: Out of my poor dead chickens or do I need to start raising geese too?

K: Which ever you prefer.

Me: Poor chickens.

K: Bawk.


So, I’m either going to be a superficial materialistic snob, or a dirty backwoods vegetarian!!


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