I really like short stories…and Delmar’s obituary

Hmmm…this short story post seems to have a novella in it, I apologize in advance for fooling you.

  • Friday.  Lyz sends out a facebook status that she needs someone to come get the girls.  I call and ask if she wants me right now.  Yes.  I fly to Delmar’s house.  I arrive.  Delmar’s best friend asks me why I don’t have my stethoscope on me.  I am confused.  I walk into the house and see it instantly in Lyz’s eyes.  Delmar has passed.  What happened to a year?  Six months? A month?  A week?  A few days?  Had I any idea it would be that day I would not have gone to work.  I never had my chance to say goodbye.  So I walked into the room with him, patted him on the thigh (inside joke), blew him a kiss and left the room.  I then scooped up Avery (who was a wreck and even refused Chuck E. Cheese’s) and Delaney and took them hom.
  • Still Friday.  Have you heard about the heat wave?  So I’m driving A&D home and…my car dies.  Hello 100+ temps!  I start calling people.  I don’t want to call Lyz, Chris or Joni.  Three men stop to offer us a ride, I couldn’t do it.  A woman stops and in my head I’m already to say yes because I am desperate when she says “Well Hi, Avery.” I’ve never pushed anyone into a car so fast in my life.  (Turns out my car computer system overheated and shut down because I was driving poor Emma Lee to hard in the heat on my rush to Delmar’s house.)
  • Family is awesome.  I watched as people gathered around Chris to hold him up.  I’ve known Chris since September of 1998.  I have always seen him be the pillar of strength.  He is always the one there to hold the rest of us up.  It broke my heart to see him needing to be the one we held up.
  • More family is awesome.  Shawn and Dave spent a good hour playing around with Emma Lee to see if they could find anything wrong with her.  They offered.  I didn’t have to ask, they would accept no money.  See, family is awesome.
  • I didn’t realize how much I would miss Delmar.
  • You have no idea how honored I am that I was able to be the one Lyz and Chris trusted with their daughters while they took care of Delmar.  No idea.
  • I have so much love for my darling CLAD.  I am often amazed by it.

Link to Delmar’s Obituary:

Obituary of Delmar L. Landis.


3 thoughts on “I really like short stories…and Delmar’s obituary

  1. ❤ Who wouldn't love a man that is having an informal dress/Penn State clothing funeral. I'm sorry for your loss.

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