Our Knight in Shining Armor

The other night Chris had baton re-training. That sounds so silly doesn’t it?  Can’t you just see big, tall, strong Chris waving a baton at the start of a parade?  No, not that kind of baton, the police baton.

Anywho, we all thought this would be a quick training course, like two hours.  Nope, Lyz and I had almost given up on him and gone to bed by the time he texted to say he was on his way home.  Lyz and I poured him a drink and went to go sit on the front porch to wait for him, like the good little harem we are.

A short time later we heard his car pulling into the neighborhood.  Then he turned his lights off.  Then he parked in front of the neighbors house.  Lyz turned to me and giggled “He is going to try and scare us!”  He loves to scare people.  A while back he had left work early and scared the crap out of me by sneaking around to the back of the house and pounding on the patio door.  Thanks for the heart attack Chris.

So he gets out of the car and walks up the driveway towards the back of the house.  Lyz waited until he was almost past us and then yelled “HEY!”  You should have seen the relieved look on his face.  Lyz and I giggled some more.  Then he started to “yell” at us.  Here poor Chris had been trying to call us, but we both left our cell phones (and remember, Lyz has two) inside on the kitchen island.  Chris thought that someone had broken into the house and was holding us hostage.  He pointed at me and said “Especially her!  She ALWAYS answers her phone!”  He had parked in the street with his lights off because he was trying to think of all the various ways he could sneak into the house without being detected.

Isn’t he just the sweetest?!?!?  We could tell looking at him that this was a real panic and not just a “I’m going to make you two feel guilty for not answering your phones.” teasing lesson.  He was freaked.

(two quick sidenotes: 1-You would be amazed at the amount of re-training Chris goes through.  It really quite impresses me.  2-You would be amazed at how painful the little collapsible baton is, and please don’t ask me how I know this)




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