Blog Summer Camp-Day 3

Calliope is doing a Blog Summer Camp and I am going to try to participate the best I can!!

Today we are to: Day 3 -What are your guilty pleasures?

Ummmmm….they are guilty pleasures. I have a lot.

Flamingos. Certainly not a pleasure that everyone loves and enjoys.

Reality TV. I will watch it all. I could live without almost any “regular” television. As a matter of fact I just signed CLAD up for Showtime so that I can watch lots of Big Brother After Dark. I prefer the reality competition type shows, but will really watch any and all of it. (well, there are a few exceptions, but that would take a whollllle nother blog)

Cheese Danish. I admit it. I bought a thing of Cheese Danish the other week. I shouldn’t have done that. But I put them in baggies and only allowed myself one a day. Even though, I still felt guilty eating them.

My Phone. I am addicted to my phone. I cannot live without it. I use it constantly. I realized last night that I rarely use it to talk. In fact, in the last week I have sent/received 2100 text, but used less than 75 minutes. I’m pretty sure the vast majority of the 75 minutes was to my momma. I use my phone for email, facebook, blogging, music…the only place it doesn’t go with me to is the shower.


Whatcha gotta say bout that?

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