Silly Help Request

So I have officially hit my 75 pound weight loss goal (that will get a whole big post soon, I promise). So I get to get something pierced. I think I have settled on my tongue, it seems to freak my boss out the least. (But he is still begging me not to pierce anything, not gonna happen dude. He did promise to pay for it if he never had to see it…)

But that leaves me with a problem. I need a reward for 100 pounds lost and I really have no idea how to reward myself.

Does anyone have any suggestions for the reward???


7 thoughts on “Silly Help Request

  1. Congrats! That is wonderful. I like the vacation idea… or a new tattoo, or a make-over (I didn’t know people did this until a friend just did, including hair & clothes!), or a spa day…. I guess depending on your budget and your preferences. Hot springs with Lyz? Even better, a mud spa? I would love the pics from that day!

  2. You are awesome! Congrats! I think at 100 you should come to NYC and kick 100 lbs off of me!

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