Mingo Monday 6/27/11


Teaberry, L and Teaberry’s dad came and visited me at The Hotel this past week! L is simply adorable, and Teaberry’s dad is wonderful, and of course Teaberry herself is simply awesome!!!!

When they came down to check out they brought me this awesome flamingo! It is much more colorful than it is in this picture, but it is after midnight and I am blogging from my phone!

Thank you Teaberry and crew for coming to visit! Thank you for my very first stained glass mingo! Come visit again soon!!  Xxoo


4 thoughts on “Mingo Monday 6/27/11

  1. YAY! I am so glad you liked it! I was bound and determined to find an awesome mingo out there….!

    Thanks for having us. We are TOTALLY planning to come back. It was great meeting you, too.

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