More Fun!

Life has been a lot of fun lately. So much so that I really honestly find myself smiling for real. I’m starting to really come out of my funk.

Tuesday night I met K at work and she asked me if I was interested in going on an adventure with her. Sure! We’ve been following the local news together for updates on the house that ABC’s Extreme Home Makeovers is making over. So she drove us out there. We drove around for a bit bypassing the way they want you to go into the neighborhood (such rebels) and then walked forever to the house. It was so packed with people! It was amazing! We had a blast.

When Chris got up Wednesday morning I was telling him about it. He was intrigued, he wanted to go too. So, after Avery’s swim lessons (can’t skip them twice in one week) we drove back out again. This time wasn’t as fun for me. First, it was hot. K and I went in the evening, right before they close down the set in fact. Chris, Avery, Delaney and I went at 1pm. Hot and humid. Nastay. Also, there weren’t as many people, which really makes it less interesting. But we saw it. Chris can say he saw an Extreme Home Makeover house being built. I was impressed at the change overnight. There hadn’t been a good roof when I was there on Tuesday, but on Wednesday they had already shingled half of it!

Last night we all (CLAD+J and I) went to the Lancaster Catholic High School Carnival. Again hot. I mean, if this is the face a small child is giving you while riding a carnival ride, it might be too hot:

No, really that is the look of “Dude, can we get this ride started??”

Avery blew my mind. She is a girl that takes after her daddy. Lyz, Joni and I were watching Delaney play on this jungle gym type ride when Chris called and said “She is going to ride the really big frog hopper.” Lyz gasped and we were off to watch.
UP, Up, UP

And Dowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn

I’m not sure who made the more scared face, Lyz or Avery! Avery did love it though! She also begged to go on the Gravitron, which in my opinion is the most vomit inducing ride ever…gag!

I really do love my life. I’m amazed by how much. Each day I am surprised more and more by how happy I am!! ❤


One thought on “More Fun!

  1. Every post like this makes my heart sing- so happy to know that you are happy- neven if it is just one day at a time.

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