I wouldn’t want to be anybody else

(If you know who sings this song…you know how I spend yesterday!!)

This is a story about my day on Monday. It will go down in history as one of my top five favorite days ever. I got to watch the world through Avery’s eyes. I love being their Aunt, I really wouldn’t want to be anybody else!! I spent an hour in bed last night with happy tears going over every moment of the day. Although my feet were tired, my back was sore, I felt as if there wasn’t enough soap in the world to get me clean, I enjoyed every single moment of my day. I am so grateful that I get to be Avery’s aunt. One more time “I wouldn’t want to be anybody else!”

So, Saturday night Danyelle (Lyz’s oldest sister) calls me and asks if I have the girls on Monday. Well of course! Monday is my favorite day of the week! Then she let me know that Selena Gomez would be at the King of Prussia mall on Monday…I should take Avery.

Now, if you are not around any tweens, teens, or small children obsessed with such things as Justin Bieber, you may not know who Selena Gomez is. Well, she is a Disney Channel star, she sings, she is also Justine Bieber’s girlfriend. (Am I spelling Bieber right? I don’t know, and honestly, I don’t care enough to go look it up)

Not a doubt in my mind that (with Lyz and Chris’s permission) I would be taking Avery to see Selena Gomez. So when I got home Sunday night I said to Lyz SG from WofWP will be at KoP on Monday…can Avery go? I got a blank stare. I knew she wouldn’t get it. She turned to Chris who simply rolled his eyes. I walked over and whispered “Selena Gomez from Wizards of Waverly Place will be at King of Prussia on Monday…can Avery go?” You would have thought I just told Lyz she could have a million dollars. SHE WAS THAT JEALOUS!

If no one else would have been able to go with me, I still would’ve taken Avery and Delaney myself, but with Delaney, someone coming with us would be quite helpful. So I called Joni. She was in. We decided to meet at noon, after Avery’s swim lessons. Monday morning came and I got a call from Lyz…skip swimming, do not pass go, go to the mall now.

I’m so glad we listened. By the time we got there (about 11:30, it is an hour and a half drive) the line was at least 2,000 people long.

We got in line on the left there at GAP. Allllll the way to the right where there in the Pavilion is where Selena would be. Whine. JONI TO THE RESCUE! She got friendly with a bunch of tweens and got us up to Eddie Bauer!!

Back up…Avery had no idea we were going to see Selena. She bugged me all morning about what we were going to do. I had to trick her into going downstairs so that I could take her Selena Gomez poster off her wall so we could take it with us. The whole drive there Joni and I pretended we were only going to the mall to go school clothes shopping. We told her there was a new Disney store opening. She told Delaney maybe that would buy new La (Cinderella) dresses.

When we settled in with our tweens that helped us cut in line (yes, we are horrible people, please forgive me) we explained to Avery that we were really here to see someone famous. The tweens then flipped around a poster of Selena for Avery to see:

Avery was speechless. She just stood there smiling and her cheeks turned bright red. I asked her if she knew who that was…Selena Gomez she whispered. Are you excited??? “Are we really going to see her??” We are!!!! She started bouncing around with joy! But, this was 11:30 and Selena wasn’t even coming until 6:30.

So, we waited. And waited. We were entertained by mass quantities of tweens screaming. We were entertained by Delaney standing in the middle of the mall stripping off her diaper. We were entertained by a large display of fruit:

Look Na–mananasssss. Joni and I covered our ears when it was rumored through the line that Justin Bieber might come too! Swoon! (oh my heck the screaming)

We were shocked when the line snaked all the way around and showed up across from us. At 2pm we were thrilled when the line started moving. They were only giving out 1,000 of the blue VIP wristbands…and thanks to Joni—WE GOT 5!!!!!!! Five?? Well yes, duh, in case Lyz was able to leave work and join us!!

Joni took Delaney to go scout out a good spot in front of the stage and Avery and I went to wait in another line for a makeover and to get her picture taken. This line was worse then the first I swear! We waited another hour and a half. Avery was starting to get really bored at this point. Then we finally got close enough that Avery could see what was going on. First they give you your very own movie poster:

And then they put you in a directors chair to do your makeup and hair!!!

But sometimes being beautiful is painful and boring:

But the end result is totally worth it!

Then Avery had her picture taken in front of a green screen and super imposed with Selena Gomez. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of that for this post, how will you all ever survive?? Then we were off to find Joni. She had found us a prime spot. We were second floor, which you were supposed to have a yellow wristband for, but blue was better than yellow so we were allowed to stay there. We were all of ten feet from the stage. It was awesome! I got Avery settled with Joni and went to move the car since there was a closer parking lot, making for an easier exit when all eleventy billion fans were ready to leave. When I came back the crowd at our spot had grown at least 10 people deep. I yelled to Joni that I was going to hang back for a bit. Delaney was passed out in the stroller. I texted Lyz good directions to where we were and waited to hear back. Nothing. Are you coming?? Nothing.

Then my phone rang. She was in the mall, find a map and tell me how to get to you. Um, sure, but the map is in the stroller now 15 people deep! I ran and found one of the mall directories and gave her directions. I then helped her push her way through the people to the front. It is now 5:45 and we have just 45 minutes until Selena arrives. The audience is squealing with delight! At some point I facebooked “Now I understand why no one ever took me to a Tiffany mall concernt.” The noise was amazing! I loved it! It felt so exciting to be a part of something that was making so many people happy! Even if I don’t really care one way or another for Selena!

News clip to show you a bit of what it was like. If you pay close attention around :45 and 1:15 you spot us!! Click here for NewsClip

Then…the screaming got louder…I finally decided to push my way up to the front to join the girls. And SELENA WALKED ON STAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I honestly did not hear a single word the girl said. There were so many people screaming!! I spent the first 8 minutes taking pictures for the people behind me who couldn’t see. They would hand me their cameras and I would take the picture and hand them back. I felt honored that people trusted me!! I could’ve walked away with several nice cameras and a couple of nice phones too!

People were quite pushy. At one point I basically screamed at some people who were practically laying on top of Lyz and the girls! I threw a few elbows and got a couple in return. My father trained me to be a basketball player, what can I say!

Selena only stayed for about 15 minutes. She answered a few audience questions and sang a bit of her new hit song (hence the title of this post). We got a short video, I apologize for the horrible quality, but you hold a camera while being jostled from every angle and get a clear shot!

I can only wish they would’ve turned the huge bright screen off behind her, it made it nearly impossible to get a good picture, but here are a few anyway:

We had a blast. We waited for a bit outside after Selena left to see if she would drive by us in her limo, but we didn’t see anything. Avery had such a huge smile on her face. While we were eating dinner I kept asking her “Who did you see today?” “I SAW SELENA GOMEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I saw Selena Gomez too, and it was pretty darn awesome!!


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