CLAD+J is out of town again. You may ask why I don’t go with them. Because I’m antisocial silly! So here I am laying in bed blogging on my phone.

I had a pretty good day today. Took care of a lot of crap at work that was stressing me out. I came home and watched some tv I’ve been meaning to catch up on. Started my Harry Potter reread. Did my nails. (Warning…leaving dark purple polish on your nails for a week may stain your nails all funky leaving them looking way bruised!) I even unpacked a box.

But, now it is midnight and I am layiing in bed in a quiet house. My thoughts are running away with themselves. Tonights theme is new. I’ve been on Blue thoughts overdrive the last few days. A friend had written about an interesting statistic reguarding child loss and divorce rates. I really hate feeling like a statistic.

If I could just fall asleep tomorrow will be better. I work in the morning and then am heading over to K’s. There is a festival going on in her town and we plan on eating funnel cake until we puke!

Zoe (CLAD’s cat) just climbed into bed with me…guess I will try this falling asleep thing again! Nite all!


One thought on “Midnight…again

  1. Just wanted to say hi and that I have been reading and thinking about you (despite my ad commenting skills) OH, and I wanted to send some xx

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