More of my crazy book obsession

A month or so ago Lyz was asking me what she should read next. I told her I had heard a series called The Hunger Games was a good read, so she downloaded it to her Nook.

To say we are hooked would be a slight understatement. Poor Lyz was forced to download book 2 at 2am because she was so obsessed.

I’ve not got everyone at The Hotel reading the books. 85% of them are just as obsessed as Lyz and I.

In reading the books I have come across a few more good quotes I would like to share. I will only bore you with one from each of the three books though!:

“I try to hold on to the peaceful feeling of the dream, but it quickly slips away, leaving me sadder and lonelier than ever.” Hunger Games

“Because sometimes things happen to people and they’re not equipped to deal with them.” Catching Fire

What will break me? This is the question that consumes me over the next three days as we wait to be released from our prison of safety. What will break me into a million pieces so that I am beyond repair, beyond usefulness? I mention it to no one, but it devours my waking hours and weaves itself throughout my nightmares.” Mockingjay


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