More Short Stories

~Thursday morning I got into Emma Lee and turned the key to nothing. I laughed and figured I hadn’t pressed the clutch in far enough…still nothing. I began to panic. I hadn’t even made the first payment yet!! Tried several more times. Still nothing. I went back inside and called AAA. A very helpful gentleman came and gave me a lecture about my alternator and other car parts. I begged him to simply jump start the car please. He kept going on and on about how if it is my battery I’m going to need a new one because I didn’t leave anything on so the battery must just be bad. I rolled my eyes and asked him again to just jump the car. It started right up. I ran inside to tell Lyz that all was well and I was leaving and went and got back in Emma Lee. Mr. AAA was still sitting in his car when I got into Emma Lee and noticed that the light that warns me that the trunk is open was on. I hopped out, slammed the trunk closed and Mr. AAA told me not to worry about the alternator anymore. Thanks dude.

~I made my first car payment on Friday. All by myself. No one else’s income was involved. (Well, I guess Chris’s income is involved since he helps keep a roof over my head.) It felt very grown up and makes me feel very independent. I’m quite proud of myself.

~I spent the night at K’s last night. This made me both a horrible best friend and a horrible “girlfriend”. I’m a horrible best friend because I didn’t take into account that Chris worked nightshift last night. This means that Lyz spent the night home alone. Even the girls weren’t home. I’m a horrible “girlfriend” because as we laid in bed I began crying. K is simply too sweet. I had forgotten what it felt like to have someone care so much about me. In fact, I don’t know that I have ever felt as safe at night as K makes me feel. She is so gentle and she holds me with just the right amount of pressure. Not so soft that it really doesn’t feel like I’m being held, and not so strong that I feel caged. As I started crying she kissed my forehead and told me it was okay. Instead of acting like it was hurting her she kept comforting me. She is too good for me.

~This morning on the way to her work (we leave my car there and I leave from her work to go to my work) we were happily driving along chit chatting when two large dogs came darting out between two parked cars. K slammed on the brakes but still hit the dogs slightly. She jumped right out of the car, traffic and all, to check on them. Both dogs ran away as fast as they could. I jumped out and called for them too, but they didn’t come back. We can only hope they are okay. K again took care of me, making sure I was okay, no seat belt bruises or anything. She held my hand the rest of the way to work because I kept shaking. Again, she is too good for me.


One thought on “More Short Stories

  1. Anyone who risks life and limb for the creatures of the world IS a good person- and YOU deserve a GOOD PERSON! Now, that said- get her to come with you to Pittsburgh to see the steel flamingo…. 🙂

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