In 11th grade in my home economics class, we were asked to make a wish list of the requirements/characteristics/personality traits that we were looking forward to in our future spouse. I’m pretty sure the first three items on my list made sure that only one person would match my list…my first love.

Obviously a lot of things have changed since then. I’m no longer looking for an eagle scout for one thing. On my drive to work this morning I started thinking about it…

Wait, I have to back up for a second. I finally found the case of cd’s that I have been looking for and threw them in Emma Lee on Sunday. First cd Emma played? I’ll Stand By You…The Pretenders. Second? Nine Inch Nails. Something that hadn’t been played in years because someone really hated them. Then I went to my standard and threw in a Depeche Mode cd.

First love is what made me fall in love with this cd. And more importantly, a certain song on the cd. He told me that his list of needs from his future spouse could all be summed up by this one song. And as I listened to it on my way to work this morning (on repeat of course) I have to say I agree with him. So I present to you, my list:

I want somebody to share, share the rest of my life
Share my innermost thoughts, know my intimate details
Someone who’ll stand by my side, and give me support
And in return, she’ll get my support
She will listen to me, when I want to speak
About the world we live in, and life in general
Though my views may be wrong, they may even be perverted
She’ll hear me out, and won’t easily be converted
To my way of thinking, in fact she’ll often disagree
But at the end of it all, she will understand me

I want somebody who cares, for me passionatley
With every thought and with every breath
Someone who’ll help me see things, in a different light
All the things I detest, I will almost like
I don’t want to be tied, to anyone’s strings
I’m carefully trying to steer clear of those things
But when I’m asleep, I want somebody
Who will put their arms around me and kiss me…tenderly
When things like this, make me sick
In a case like this, I’ll get away with it
And in a place like this, I’ll get away with it…


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