It is official. I am IN LOVE

Her name is Emma Lee. She was introduced into my life on Monday evening. From the moment I saw her I just knew that she was meant for me. I called Lyz and told her that I needed her to tell me it was okay to fall so swiftly. She reassured me. Then I called Joni, K and my brother. They all said go for it. So I did.

Meet Emma Lee:

Isn’t she simply beautiful? Look at that color. A lovely butter color. Not the screaming yellow you see on so many cars, but a soft yellow. You know, that color I wanted my bedroom painted, but it never happened?!? Now I have a bedroom that color AND a car that color. To be honest, the picture does not do the color justice.

I bought her as a gift to myself on my 4 month Divorceaversary. On my 4 month divorceaversary I was able to walk into a car dealership (all by myself) and walk out with Emma Lee (all by myself). No one cosigned. No one helped me with the down payment. I did this ALL. BY. MYSELF. After having my credit ruined, I am well on my way back to fixing everything. Step one-buy a cute little yellow car.

After all the paperwork was done I called Lyz and asked her to meet me at the hotel so I could drop off the hotel’s pickup truck. I hadn’t told Lyz I was car shopping until moments before I walked into the dealership. She met me at the hotel and Avery started begging to know what my car looked like. What color is it? I told her nothing. When we pulled in at the dealership Lyz asked her which car she would buy if she could…”The little yellow one!!” I squealed “Good Avery! Cause that is my car!!!!!!!!!”

She is a Hyundai Tiburon. She is a stick shift. I had missed driving stick in all those years I was driving an SUV in the hopes of filling the backseat with children. So, stick it is.

Tiburon means shark in Spanish. As Avery and I were driving home from the dealership we started talking about what to name her. Sunny? Sunshine Unicorn? Avery mentioned that the Spanish word for yellow is amarilla. The was she says it kinda sounds like Emily. Avery then shouted “Her first name will be Emma and her middle name will be Lee just like yours!” So, Emma Lee it is.

Then Avery begged me to pass Lyz.

(the view from Lyz’s windshield as Emma zooms past.)
Avery’s response? “Emma goes fast.” Yes she does.

Emma may be a little tiny car, but even Chris fits in her:

And my boss approves too:

When I signed the papers I posted on facebook that I purchased an irresponsible car. Everyone asked me what was so irresponsible about it. I didn’t really have an answer other than “I’m a thirty-something year old fat chick…does a yellow sports car really seem like me?” Now that I have had her for two nights (not even 48 hours yet!) I can tell you that yes, I am the kind of person that drives a cute little yellow sports car. I love her. I may or may not have painted my fingernails to match her last night. (On a side note, my fingernails do not match my toenails. This was a no-no in my past relationship. And I love the fact that no one can stop me now!)

She drives so nicely. She goes very fast, very quickly. She is comfortable. She is cute. She is the perfect color. I actually like my soft yellow better than I would’ve liked her if she was pink. I have had Avery in it several times. Avery simply loves her and cannot wait until she is 16 and can drive her. She has declared that I drive the coolest car of everyone she knows. I’m cool.

So…does anyone want to place bets on when I get my first speeding ticket???


10 thoughts on “It is official. I am IN LOVE

  1. Cute!!!!! My car’s name is Enrique. I’m glad I’m not the only weirdo that names their car (and secretly falls in love with it!)

  2. Cute! I love it!

    (and toes had to match the fingers? Ugh! That’s grounds for divorce! 😛 )

  3. I just love Emma..and what a beautiful shade of yellow. I have never seen a car that color before!

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