Fairy Dreams

For almost as long as I have known Avery, she has been pointing out her loose teeth.  We are talking starting at 2 years old here people.  She would stick her finger in her mouth and announce “My tooth is loose!!”  Uh huh.  We would all smile and nod.  We would say “Someday Avery, your teeth will fall out and then the tooth fairy will come.

This has really picked up in recent months. To the point where us adults would simply roll our eyes and mumble, not wanting to commit to anything. A week or so ago she stuck her finger in her mouth and declared yet again, “My tooth is loose!!” I started to roll my eyes, but noticed I could see the wiggle. I made her come closer and do it again (are you kidding me? Stick my finger in her mouth!?!? The child is already obsessed with licking me because she knows I hate it, I’m not about to stick my finger near her tongue!). Sure enough, this time, the tooth is loose. I figured I was the last to know, and it really wasn’t that loose, I kinda put it out of my mind. (Not to mention the fact that loose teeth are right up there in the things I thing are disgusting.)

Wednesday afternoon, Lyz and I were talking and Avery came over to show me how much looser the tooth had become. I cheered and Lyz gave me a funny look. I told Avery to show mommy. Lyz screamed! “Avery!! Your tooth is loose!!” Avery gave her a very “Um, duh mom” look. It seems I wasn’t the only one who was shocked to see that Avery actually did have a loose tooth!!

Friday we went to Chris’s softball game. I was having a grand old time swinging with Avery. Delaney is in the biting phase, but normally doesn’t bite flesh. She rather enjoys going after the bottom of my shirt:

Avery decided she wanted to be like Delaney:

And then she gasped. She complained that it hurt her loose tooth. So I looked…there was blood. She used her tongue to wiggle. She wanted to see, so I took a video. Please don’t make fun of me for my shock…oh, and turn your head to the left:

Oh my heck!! Two loose teeth!! Lyz spent the rest of the evening teary eyed. Please don’t lose your teeth Avery.

On Saturday night, K and I were watching a movie and my phone went off…a Facebook status update from Lyz:
“So Avery lost her first tooth tonight, I cried… Not sure I’m cut out for this parenting thing. I don’t like them getting older. Preschool graduation in 2weeks and I break down just thinking of it.”

So I cried too. Avery is growing up, and I missed it!!

Then Sunday the following comes across my phone:

“tooth fairy came last night, looks like she is coming again tonight! Avery just lost her second tooth!”

Oh my heck!!

When I pulled up to the house Sunday night, I was sad to see that Lyz’s car was gone. That meant that she had already left to take the girls to spend the night at Joni’s house. I wouldn’t get to see her gappy smile. When Lyz got home we chatted for a bit and then Joni called to mention that Avery had forgotten Teddy. Lyz and I hopped in the car and I ran into Joni’s house to see my Avery’s new smile!

Isn’t she beautiful!?!?!? One of the teeth is already coming in!

She came to work with me today (Lyz has jury duty and I will be taking Avery to school shortly) so we have been having fun. I have had four different employees be confused because they say Avery and I look so much alike that she could be my daughter. We are having fun. We got to drive to work today in…oh wait. That is a whole other post. Wink Wink.

Just a few pictures of Avery at work:

(at the front desk)

(Dancing in the lobby)

(sitting at my desk)

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post…I’m a little bit excited about it 🙂


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