My Weekend

On Saturday afternoon, I punched out and Danielle and I went to sit out front of The Hotel to talk.  We talked about how her daughter is ill.  We talked about how I am doing better.  We talked about the drama that is going on.  Then she asked a question.  “What kind of car does K drive?”  I don’t know that answer.  I told Danielle “It is maroon with an equality sticker on the back”.
Random question?  Not really.  You see K was on her way to pick me up so I could spend the weekend at her house.  And just so you know, I was wrong.  K drives a beige car with a rainbow peace sign on the back.  I’m so observant aren’t I?

K pulled in a few moments later.  She waved to Danielle.  I texted Lyz letting her know I was officially with K.  (Lyz likes me to keep her updated so she doesn’t worry.)  And we were off.  We drove a whole half mile and then stopped at Sonic.  K had never been before, and I was dying for a slushie!!

Then we went shopping.  In one of the stores we ran into K’s ex.  Interesting.  (her ex cheated on her too!)

We went back to her place and she made me a yummy dinner.  Then we watched tv and some movies and really just talked a heck of a lot.  I realized that there are a lot of similarities between K and Jenn.  I also realized there are a lot of differences, the vast majority of them for the better.  (I do wish she liked sports a little more).

I really like talking with K.  I like learning about her.  About her past, about her personality, her likes and dislikes.  It was just fun to spend time getting to know her.

I didn’t feel guilty at all this time.  I didn’t feel like a cheater.  I didn’t feel like I was breaking my vows (which has been a huge issue in my head, I’m going to blog about it someday).  I felt like I was doing something for me.  Kinda selfish actually.  That did change a little when I saw a facebook update from Lyz (but again, that is another post and I’m not going to ruin the awesome news until I can do a whole post about it).

I was also thrilled with the fact that I slept peacefully the whole night.  I didn’t wake up with any nightmares.  I didn’t dread falling asleep.  I didn’t wake up 30 times reaching for the other pillow only to find it empty.  It was so wonderful.  In fact I woke up, on my own, at 7am feeling great.  Feeling rested.  I didn’t remember what that had felt like.

K made me breakfast and we spent the morning talking more.  We went grocery shopping together.  One of my favorite things, as I have mentioned before.  We talked about our favorite foods.  The fact that we both love to cook. We have a lot of things in common.  My only concern is how few things she has in common with Chris and Lyz.  I need my pod to work well together!!  (hehehe)

I had a wonderful time.  I learned things about K and about myself.  I felt safe and cared for.  I felt wanted.

I was talking to Lyz when I got home last night.  I had heard a song on the radio where one of the lines is “Truth be told I miss you.  And truth be told I’m lying.”  I told Lyz “That’s how I feel right now, and that will very likely change in the morning.”

When I went to bed I called K.  We talked for an hour.  How can two people talk so much after spending 24 hours together talking?  I don’t know, but we did.  And it was comfortable.  I did wake up twice, only once to a nightmare.

When I woke up for real there was a very sweet text waiting for me.  I am smiling today.  I have a real smile on.  I am wearing a pair of pants I haven’t worn in forever.  The whole lease drama is over.  I feel cute.  I have on heels.  I am cared for and loved.

Truth be told, I miss her.  Truth be told, I’m not going to tell you who I miss more.


3 thoughts on “My Weekend

  1. Awesome post… It sounds like you are finding a happy place and not beating yourself up for it which is excellent… xx

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