New Box

I woke up this morning feeling quite good. I was cracking up at Delaney watching two rabbits…um…hopping on each other from my bedroom window. I was smiling for no reason. As I drove to work I wrote this post in my head about how, for some odd reason, I feel light and airy. Then I giggled (in my head) about how I was sure I was going to pay for being happy.


I thought that the whole court/lease/etc. problem was resolved. I had decided to push it out of my head. Now there is a lawyer involved. Now I still have to go to court.

On top of that I am going out tonight to see a show that I know Jenn would’ve loved. I feel quite guilty going without her.

How can I make myself stop punishing myself??

Nevermind. I’ll save that question for another post. For right now I am going to build a box. “I’ll put that in a box. And then I’ll put that box inside another box, and then mail that box to myself. And when it arrives… AH HA HA HA HA, I’LL SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER!!! IT’S BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, I TELL YOU!!! GENIUS, I SAY!!!”


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