Happy and Colorful events

You have heard me talk about Chris’s dad Delmar and his step-mom Roxanne.  They have been together for 25 years.  On Friday, April 22 the world witnessed a small miracle-Del and Roxanne got married!!!!!

Congrats to you both!

Flower Girls

When we got home from the reception it was time to color the eggs!! While Easter is my least favorite holiday, I certainly do enjoy coloring eggs!

(my egg, pink of course)

Then on Sunday morning we woke up to find the Easter Bunny had visited! Also known as “Heidi ruined Easter morning”. The girls came in my room to wake me up and Avery looked out my widows to see this large blue thing in the backyard. I started pushing her out the door, but it was too late…she had already seen:

The Easter Bunny thought Avery and Delaney had been really good girls this year!!
More Easter pics:

So now you are mostly caught up. I still owe you a post on Avery’s first softball game…I have to bug Chris for the pictures. And since tonight is her second game….I really need to get my buns in gear!!


4 thoughts on “Happy and Colorful events

  1. Love this post, and so glad to see you had a wonderful time of it. . .thinking of you and your family and well, sending good vibes for inner peace and a certain handbag:)


  2. april 22 is an awesome day to get married {it’s my anniversary}. on another note…what?? no doc hinkle’s???

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