Yesterday Lyz, Chris and I all worked.  This is normally just fine because Joni can watch the girls (don’t get me started on how guilty I feel that I was unable to take Monday off).  But…Joni hurt her back and is on bed rest.  Again, all is well, Aunt E was more than happy to watch the girls.  Next hiccup being that Avery had her first softball game last night (another post) and Lyz was worried that she wouldn’t be able to get the girls in time and then go home and get changed and pack up and make the line-up and…I’ll just stop.  You get the point.

So I went and picked up the girls on my way home.  It is a quick 15 minute drive from Aunt E’s house to CLAD’s, but we had so much fun!!  First song on the radio was “Forget You” which Avery and I know every word to and Delaney really likes to lip-sinc and dance to.

Then Avery was telling me how she wants a skateboard.  She asked me if I want one.  I responded with “Nah, I’m not really a fan of skateboards”.  Which started the funniest conversation ever!!

Avery: Well, what are you a fan of?
Me: Pink!
Delaney: PINK!!!!!!
Avery: And?
Me: Flamingos
Avery: I know what you you are the biggest fan of!!
Me: What?
Avery: Harry Potter!!!!
Me: Well, I might like flamingos just a little bit more than Harry Potter.
Avery: How much do you like Harry Potter?
Me: A billion.
A: And how much do you like flamingos?
M: A billion and two!
A: Guess what I’m the biggest fan of?
**I am not going to bore you with the list of eleventy billion things I tried to guess Avery was the biggest fan of**
M: I give up.
A: French Horses. They are from French.
M: Where did you learn about French Horses?
A: Well, my cousin knows this guy who knows this guy who knows this guy who knows this guy who knows this guy who knows this guy who knows this guy who knows this guy who knows this guy who lives in French that raises French Horses. They are beautiful and white and nice and they don’t bite you ever or make it so that you will fall off of them. He sent me a postcard.
M: I want to see the postcard when we get home! French Horses sound beautiful!
A: I lost the postcard.
M: Oh, do you think … what is this guys name?
A: Mr. TheFrenchman.
M: Oh, do you think Mr. TheFrenchman could send you another one?
A: I’d have to ask my cousin.
M: Which cousin?
A: The one that only I know.

At this point I was laughing quietly, but the conversation had to end because Delaney’s favorite song came on the radio so we had to turn the radio up and sing “Up up up up up up up up up up up!”

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Avery and Delaney??


One thought on “Car-verstaions

  1. I live for those kinds of conversations. Seriously, kids are such a blessing, eh? i will never forget when my the 3-year old niece asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. i told her I was already grown up and she said, “no! Say you want to be an elephant!”

    Avery and delaney sound like so much fun!

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