Aunt Na should not be in charge of bedtime

There have been a handful of times where I have had the honor of being the one to put the girls to bed.  Normally this works out quite easily.  I sit Avery in front of the tv with an episode of Spongebob or iCarley and take Delaney up.  Avery is to turn off the tv and meet me in my bed for a few pages of Harry Potter when her episode is over.  Normally, this works swell.  Normally, Delaney falls asleep within about 15 minutes and I sneak out and read a few pages to Avery and then put her to bed.  Lyz and Chris created some awesome sleepers, normally.

Tuesday night I got Avery settled and took Delaney up.  15 minutes later I heard Avery come up and a few minutes after that Delaney was out.  I hopped into bed with Avery so we could start reading about the letters from no one.  About two paragraphs in I hear “Shhhhhhhhhh” and Riley pops out from under the covers.  I lift my head to see Delaney standing next to me.  This is new.  She has just learned how to open doors.  I looked at her and asked “Why aren’t you in your bed?”  “Rawwwr in Meme”s room” she replied.  (Delaney calls herself Meme.)  “Okay, do you want to lay with Yaya and Na for a minute?” (Avery would be Yaya).  She hopped right in.

I read a few more paragraphs and then Delaney started counting my star tattoo.  “WON, FEW, FREE!!!!”  “Good job Delaney, now shhhh”  A few more paragraphs and Delaney starts counting again…but this time in a very quiet whisper “won, few, free!!!”  Avery and I couldn’t stop giggling.  And every time either of us would giggle, Delaney would fake giggle.  We got settled down and I had a cough (I’ve had a little cold, blame the weather).  Then Avery coughed.  And so, of course, our little copycat had to cough too.  And that was the end of that.  Avery and I could hardly catch our breath from laughing and Delaney knew she was the cause of it and so proud.  I had to capture video proof.  You’ll see Delaney quietly counting her fingers (to Delaney apparently if you count quietly you must also count verrryyyy sloowwwlllyyy)…

I gave up on Harry Potter a few minutes later and tucked Avery into bed.  Then I scooped up Delaney and took her back to her room.  She pointed over and said “Rawr” with the sweetest pouty look on her face.  So I walked over to the big dinosaur and patted it and said “But Delaney, this is a good dinosaur!”  Delaney said “Eyes.”  Well, next to the dinosaur is a gigantic shark from Universal Studios.  I took a tee-shirt and covered the shark’s eyes…Better?  A smile and a nod told me I had finally found the culprit.  I turned off the light and laid down on the floor.

She wouldn’t fall asleep.  She tossed.  She turned.  She rolled.  She flopped.  She huffed and she puffed.  Somewhere in the midst of all of this Chris texts and says “Is Lyz putting D to sleep?”  “No…Lyz is at Bunco, I am failing miserably at putting D to sleep”

35 minutes.  A new record for me and Delaney.  I tiptoed out of her room and my jaw dropped open when I saw Avery’s door wide open and her bed empty.  I went downstairs to find her lying on the couch watching Biggest Loser.  “Um, why aren’t you in your bed?”  “I couldn’t sleep, and I was bored, and then I couldn’t find you!”  “Well where do you think I was?” “Probably in Delaney’s room”  “Girlfriend, it is almost an hour past your bedtime.  Lets go!!”  So I got Avery snuggled back in bed, kissed her goodnight and then sat at the top of the stairs for 10 minutes assuring myself that everyone was where they belonged and were planning on staying there.

Lyz walked in the door 10 minutes later and I showed her the video.  I was still laughing.  Lyz asked “So, um, if you don’t have to put Delaney to bed can you watch her Thursday evening while we take Avery to the kindergarten fair??”  Sure thing!!

So I failed at bedtime, but I had a blast doing it!!!


One thought on “Aunt Na should not be in charge of bedtime

  1. What an awesome video! I found myself giggling at my desk… these are the precious moments to remember.

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