My Fitness Pal

Hiya! Look over there —–> . See the blue box? (you may have to click on the “Home” tab at the top to see it) My blue brag box that tells y’all how much weight I’ve lost? I happen to be in love with that blue box and all that it entails. We are good friends. I log every stinking thing that goes into my mouth (except for that fly the other night) and it tells me if I have been a good girl or a bad girl. More often than not it yells at me for not getting enough calories. Weird.

I tell it my exercise for the day (I’ve been slacking the last two weeks, ekke!) and it congratulates me.

And…other people congratulate me! It is like the Facebook of weight loss. And well, I’m addicted to facebook so I easily became addicted to MFP. I first found it through my book club* and there are a bunch of us on there cheering each other on as we all lose weight together! I really do love it and look forward to watching my progress each day.

In fact, while at dinner the other night, I pulled out my phone to enter in what I had eaten. Joni commented that Lyz, Chris and I were all on our phones at the dinner table. Well, I just wanted to make sure I didn’t forget a single thing! And we were at Red Robin…and this time I didn’t even eat an onion ring! No fries! No ranch! No onion rings!!

I feel the urge to become obsessed with my weight loss. I like it. I liked hopping on the scale the other morning to see that I am in a new range. It made me happy. I like patting myself on the back. I like seeing that my bras fit different. I’m not as big of a fan of my pants falling down as I walk across The Hotel’s lobby, but it still makes me smile. I own very few pants that require me to unbutton or unzip them anymore. I’m looking forward to pulling out my summer wardrobe and seeing how those clothes fit!

Yesterday I started making myself a list of goals and rewards. I only have two rewards figured out. But I decided to share my list with the class. You’ll see a new tab up at the top there about my Goals and Rewards and I am sure I will be bragging here as I hit each one. I thought about saying that my tattoo was a reward for the 50 pound mark, but that was a reward for being strong. For surviving. I need other rewards for weight loss.

I also can’t wait until I “lose Avery”. I will post my first before/after shot when that happens. She thinks it is funny every time I talk about losing her. And every time I tell Lyz that I like one of her shirts her answer is “Good! Because it will be yours soon!”

So, if you are looking to find a way to track your food intake, excercise and weight loss online, DO MYFITNESSPAL.COM and friend me on there! I’m heidimingo and I would love to cheer you on!!!


*Book Club-it is a group of women I met a million years ago on as we were all planning our weddings.  We are all still together through thick and thin…I’m actually considering meeting up with a bunch of them in DC next month, but don’t hold your breath.


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