Our April Fools Day

Avery talked about nothing for weeks but April Fools Day. I told her I had a trick planned and she would beg and beg to know what it was. All I would tell her is that it would come after dinner. She started planning tricks of her own, but would tell us all her plans. Making it less tricky!! Even last night as we were getting ready to do some of the tricks she was trying to tell us!

First we had dinner. Yummy spaghetti. I knew something was coming, but didn’t know what.

Chris had made a threat earlier in the week that if any of us ruined his dinner we would all be in big trouble. So we made him serve himself first. He dug the spoon in and…

There was a popping noise!! Sadly not the loud scary popping noise that Avery and Joni had aimed for, but a noise all the less. They had buried balloons in the spaghetti so that when the fork went in the balloons would pop! But, after sitting in the warm spaghetti they had lost some of their poppiness.

After dinner it was my turn. I had made my dessert the night before and stored it in my room. I had everyone sit at the table and then went to bring it down. I told them that I was jealous of Riley having all the fun so we were going to eat out of the cat’s litter box for dessert!!

Avery was disgusted!! Delaney leaned over it and said “Poo”. I grossed Avery out further by picking up a turd and eating it! At that point Delaney dug right in.

Na! Poo is good!! (now we just have to cross our fingers that she doesn’t go after the real litter box thinking those turds are just as yummy!)

After dessert it was time for the last big trick of the evening. We all knew it was coming. Chris didn’t complain as he prepared for his fate:

(I lie. The whole time he kept saying “Why do I always have to take the bullet in things like this. She wanted to do this to you first!!)
Then Avery came out and played her trick:

Look at that evil grin!! Poor Delaney didn’t know what to think!

We could not stop laughing. And of course, laughter being infectious…

Baam and I were left the only two who were whipped cream free. I needed to change that…

She begged and pleaded me not too. She had just washed her hair! While her and I fought over the remains of the whipped cream pie plate…Chris went and got the whipped cream spray can and got us both!

Great fun was had by all!!! I may have already started jotting down ideas for next year!!!

(one more funny–Chris announced at dinner that CLAD is moving. Avery didn’t find it funny at all. I reminded her that last year for April Fools I told her I was moving to Florida and she found that very funny. Chris turned to me and said “Yah, how did that work out for you?” Lyz about choked on her dinner. Baam got a horrified look on her face and said “If I wasn’t in the corner I would come over and smack him for you” I simply laughed and laughed. Avery didn’t get what we were all carrying on about!!)


2 thoughts on “Our April Fools Day

  1. The picture of Chris eating the “poo” with the dog in his arms made me laugh out loud! You guys seem like such a fun bunch!!

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