Let’s talk about weekends shall we?

So…Saturday night. Fine, I admit it. I had fun. Ladies and gentleman, I danced a little bit. This proves just how much fun I had. I do not dance. I may not have even danced well on Saturday night, but I did attempt. Jessica and I had fun together at the very least. We ran into a possum on the way, cracked up both up!! It was spotted like a dalmatian! It went running across the street in front of us, in the middle of downtown! Where does the poor thing sleep?

We were a bit silly in not knowing that there were two spaces that the party was being held and had more fun when we found the second space. We watched a bit of the drag show and met up with TattooJen and her girlfriend. We bid at the silent auction (I won something!)

Instead of a kissing booth they had a motorboating booth (no, Mom, I am not going to explain this to you). I laughed when the motorboat girl came up to Jessica and I to ask if we wanted to play…she looked down at our cleavages and said “Never mind! I should be giving you the dollars!” (note-No motorboating took place involving either Jessica or I)

TattooJen kept trying to get me to go hit on girls. I simply can’t do it. Soon, maybe. I am only 10 weeks out of a 15 year relationship. And I had no idea that the relationship was going to end. I think I need a bit more time to mourn. I would hate to lead someone on or hurt someone. If I remember correctly her reason for wanting me to find someone was “Because we need you strong so that when SWMNBN comes crawling back you have the strength to say F You!” Have no worries y’all, I am that strong already. And also, that will not happen, she is happy, so we have nothing to worry about!

Sunday was supposed to be my date. Yes, you read that right, supposed to be. I had just texted Lyz that I was freaking out and didn’t want to go when K called to say her car wouldn’t start, would I be upset if we rescheduled? (she lives a little less than an hour away) Not upset at all, at least you have a car!! Then 20 minutes later I got all sad. Sadly rescheduling will be a week or two because…

This weekend we are taking a trip. I am very much looking forward to it, for the most part. I have been working on this trip since November. I wrote letters, filed paperwork, got together everyone’s information. Including SWMNBN’s. This trip will be awesome because it will get another first out of the way, the first family vacation without her. It will be awesome because I will get to watch Avery do things she hasn’t done yet. I will get to spend my weekend with some of my favorite people. It will also rip me apart because she was supposed to go with us. There will be a ticket for one thing with her name on it. Her name will be at the check-in desk for another thing.

It will hurt, but it will check another thing off the list.


7 thoughts on “Let’s talk about weekends shall we?

  1. But your first are with the people you Love so dearly and those girls are the prize! When you start to feel said”Nah” just lOok at Avery and the priceless look on her face she will have going to the guys house 🙂 XOXOXO

  2. You’re doing your firsts, too, with the all new Heidi!
    Have a blast on your trip! 🙂

  3. Sounds like an awesome weekend… it is so hard to “get out there” as in getting back into the scene. I remember when I had just moved back to my home city from my undergrad, I was in a similar position (minus the big breakup). I needed to meet people, I needed to get out there, and I was totally overwhelmed. My world had been so solid for 3 years, and here i was trying to find my place in a brand new one. I remember sitting on the couch telling a pal that I had been invited out with these 2 people I had just met, but I didn’t want to go. She encouraged me and told me that for every 20 or 30 people I meet, I will find one good, truly kindred friend. She told me I had to try.
    So I did. And the night was fun enough. But that is when I met and made a friend named A. And 5 months later, she introduced me to her dear friend. Who I am now married to. And 3 years after that she introduced us to the men that became the fathers of my son.
    Anyway, I guess what I am trying to say is get out and have fun. You never can know what it will all lead to!!!

    ps- I may be a total dork, but WHAT is motorboating???

  4. Only because halfadozen asked:

    The placement of one’s face, specifically the mouth, into the area between a well-endowed woman’s breasts, followed by a rapid shaking of the face in a side-to-side motion accompanied by yelling. The resulting sound that is created sounds similar to an outboard boat motor.

  5. Hey:

    You just got out of a relationship. You can take all the time you want to date. You don’t have to get back on the horse, you didn’t fall off a horse!

    Glad you had fun. Will be thinking of you as you travel.

  6. OMG Heidi, that motorboating thing is CRAZY! HILARIOUS! (sort of). Wow, I feel like such a fuddy duddy. Oh, the things I have missed out on in life 😉 Thanks for the clarification…

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