Busy (read:Scary) Weekend Ahead

While getting my tattoo Lyz asked TattooJen the same question she now asks every lesbian she meets: “Where can I take Heidi?” TattooJen mentioned that Saturday night there is a benefit (Read:Party) at a local club to help raise money for Pride.

Cool, I’m game.

Oh…wait…Lyz has plans Saturday night.

I am not going without my Lyz.

Scratch that.

I am going.

I got a hold of our friend Jessica and we will go together. Once I rsvp’d on facebook TattooJenn messaged me and said she was glad to hear I am coming, we’ll hang out. I wrote back good, because I am terribly shy!! She promised to be loud enough for the both of us! Thank goodness for my awesome support system. Both here and in person!! So…I have plans on Saturday night without my Lyz. Ekke. I even have an outfit planned. Shoes…hmmm, I will have to think about that.

Then Sunday I have another thing…um…ok…fine…date. Don’t know what we are doing or where we are going. But I’m going.

So two nights. Two sets of plans. Neither involve holding Lyz’s hand. Ekke.


8 thoughts on “Busy (read:Scary) Weekend Ahead

  1. Good for you! Long time lurker, first time (I think) commenter. Hope your weekend is amazing!

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