I Shall Rise From the Ashes

Yesterday was tattoo day! (and also Lyz and Chris’s 8th wedding anniversary!! Yay Lyz and Chris!!) Lyz accompanied me to the appointment. I started with the most painful part. Changing my wedding band tattoo. It originally said 1-11-03, the day SWMNBN and I got married. Now it says 1-11-08, Blue’s Birthday. It didn’t hurt in a physical way, but it ripped me apart emotionally. It was like cutting the one last tie to my past life.

But now that I have cut that last tie it is time for me to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. I had sent Riley three phoenix pictures and pointed out what I liked about each one. She drew me up a perfect sketch, like I knew she would, so I went out and saw them two weeks ago and made the appointment.
Step one: Placement of the outline

Step two: outline
Step three: Red and Orange-

Step four: Yellow and finishing touches

Jen, the tattoo artist, asked if I wanted any color in the eye. I said no, I wouldn’t be able to pick a color anyway. Her response? “Well, I was thinking we would do blue for your son.” Yep, do it. Lyz said this helps bring my past into my new life, and I love it.

Jen also gave me a lot of great advice an a huge moral boost. Talking to her was perfect. On the way home Lyz told me she wished she would have known how wonderful our conversation would have been so she could have taken me to visit Jen sooner. The tidbit of advice that made me laugh the most? “I’ve found that the best way to get over one girl is to get under another one.” hehehe

Finished Product:

(I will post another picture in the future, it will look better right now you can see some of the blood and the eye looks bloodshot lol)

I am in love with it. It is perfect. It symbolizes my rise from the ashes and pays a slight homage to my love of Harry Potter-Fawkes the Phoenix is what gave me the inspiration for this tattoo.


10 thoughts on “I Shall Rise From the Ashes

  1. Wow it’s beautiful! She did a wonderful job. Glad you two had a good talk too 🙂 Congrats on your tattoo!!

  2. Both tattoos look great and are perfectly symbolic for who you are now: Blue’s Harry Potter-loving mommy rising from the ashes!

  3. Okay, totally just got the She Who Must Not Be Named! It took me months to figure out what those initials meant. Lol. Love the phoenix. Sad about the wedding date, but at least you were able to change it. Like…an 8 would’ve been awful to change. 😉

  4. WOW- that is beautiful!!! What a fantastic job she (and you!) did… I imagine that it hurt like hell… the inside of the arm is so sensitive. you are a brave one! I LOVE it! And I love all the symbolism behind it…

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