Monday is the new Sunday?

I guess it starts on Sunday night
7pm-Avery and I run to the grocery store/
8:30pm-Avery and I snoogle in my bed and read a few pages of Harry Potter
8:45pm-I kiss Avery goodnight, still in my bed.
11pm-I join Avery in my bed. Spend the rest of the night fighting over covers and space in the bed.

8am-Lyz kisses Avery and I goodbye as she leaves for work.
8:40am-I go and resuce Delaney from Chris’s bed (he worked overnight)
9am-Us three girls head downstairs to watch numerous episodes of Bubble Guppies. Especially the “tiptoe” episode.
9:30am-Avery declares hunger and I proceed to toast a million waffles for the girls for breakfast.
10am-Clean up syrup from the children, table, floor and walls. Maybe a small bit off the ceiling.
10:15-11am-Do yoga with Avery. Also known as get tackled by Delaney.
11:01-11:32am-Play, watch Bubble Guppies, play with Barbies, read Harry Potter, snoogle with Delaney, fight with Delaney over a diaper change, fight with Avery about getting dressed, race Avery to see who can get dressed quicker Delaney or Avery. Finally decide that maybe Chris didn’t set his alarm clock and wander up to his room to wake him, and as I have never woken him up before wonder if he may try to hit me when I touch him.
11:45am-Wave goodbye to Chris, Avery and Delaney as they leave for the gym.
11:46am-Clean up toys, the kitchen (my favorite chore in the whole world is loading/unloading the dishwasher)
11:55am-Get laundry gathered from my room, start laundry.
12:05pm-Tie on shoes, cellphone that is now my mp3 player and leave for my walk.
12:55pm-Come home, switch over laundry, hop in shower to rinse off.
1:20pm-Climb into bed to read for a bit, hear CAD come home and release Riley from my room.
3:30pm-Head downstairs so that Chris can go get the fields ready for softball.
3:35pm-Clean up lunch dishes.
3:55pm-Decide that this is an awesome day.
4:00pm-Decide to blog about my awesome day.
4:05pm-Avery and Delaney start to argue over what tv show to watch, so I turn the tv off.
4:06pm-Avery and Delaney decide it would be more fun to sit on either side of me and watch me blog.
4:16pm-Avery asks how long it takes me to type the alphabet
not very long at all.
4:18pm-I decide to hit publish even though my day isn’t over yet. It is time to start dinner after all. We are having bacon and cheese quiche, roasted asparagus and a salad.

So, Mondays are just as awesome as Sundays. Tomorrow is going to be simplya amazing too!! Stay tuned!!


3 thoughts on “Monday is the new Sunday?

  1. So glad your Monday was fantastic! I want to see a pic of the new ‘to brown’ shoes…i love brown shoes!

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