Thursday after work CLAD took me to the Humane League to look at dogs. It was ever so sweet of them, sadly no little dogs that fit my bill. I love that CLAD thinks of little things like that for me.

Thursday night was also Scrabble night at CLAD’s. Our Scrabble nights all depend on Chris’s work schedule. The best investment I have made since moving in with CLAD is Scrabble Diamond Anniversary Edition. No more worrying when we move the board that the tiles are going to go flying, and it is on wheels so it spins nicely.

Best Scrabble word of the night? Played by Chris:

(bottom word-CLAD)
I think last night did see some of the best words we have ever played. Lyz and I snorted a lot.

Wednesday night Avery and Delaney came into my room because my tv is the only one that has the Mr. Grumpfish Special episode of Bubble Guppies dvr’d. We laid in the bed watching and Delaney got up, crawled over Avery and grabbed my Blue bear. She held tight to him through the whole episode and I had to fight with her to get him back when Chris came to take her to bed. It left me wondering how close the two of them would have been if he was here. He would only be 6 months older than her. It left me wondering how difficult things would be now if I was raising him in one bedroom at CLAD’s house. It left me wondering if she wouldn’t have left.

My bedroom at CLAD’s is a soft buttery yellow. For years I begged for a soft buttery yellow bedroom. Shortly after SWMNBN became unemployed in 2008 she bought paint and started to paint the bedroom. (Please note that I was not welcomed to paint, that was SWMNBN’s department) By started I mean she painted about 1/4 of each of the hour walls. It stayed that way until we moved out in 2010. All four of my bedroom walls are now completely painted in soft buttery yellow. That was the silver lining for Thursday. (Joni helps me find something each day to call my silver lining of the day. I can’t go to bed until I’ve figured it out)

Have you been following my 30 day challenge? (look up, it has it’s own tab). Thursday I worried because I couldn’t think of something I hated to put. Lyz won the best answer—the word MILK. Not only is Avery saying it in the grossest way possible, but now Delaney has picked it up, completely with the evil look while she says it.

While driving home Thursday Delaney had a meltdown. The thing that made her calm down? Jar of Hearts came on the radio and Lyz, Avery and I sang along. Halfway through the song Delaney started laaaing along too.


2 thoughts on “Tidbits

  1. I always wondered if the ex and I had kids if we still would have broken up. I suspect the answer is no, not when and how we did but yes, in the long-term. Everyone kept telling me when we split that we were ‘lucky we didn’t have kids to fight over’ and I kept thinking ‘yeah but maybe we wouldn’t be here if we did.’ But who knows what lies down the untaken path I guess. The ‘what-ifs’ kill me sometimes.

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