Have I ever mentioned how much I love Sundays??

I love Sundays!! I even like working on Sunday mornings. It is usually a quick morning, and I’m usually out the door by 12 or 12:30 at the latest. This week I got home and walked in to an empty house. I was quite confused. Where could everyone be? The car was there. I was quite confused. Then I noticed coats on the back deck so I looked out the window and saw:

Spring must be coming!! Softball is back in session!

After playing outside for a bit we came in and I spent a few hours reading and napping. It is odd, I don’t nap much at all anymore. I used to almost every day. Now I don’t have a reason to sleep and ignore life!

When I got up Lyz and Chris had gathered together lots of toppings for homemade pizza. I had mentioned that I like ham and pineapple on my pizza and Lyz told Chris there might be a thing of pineapple chunks in the fridge. He grabbed the container and drained them then spread them all over his half of a pizza.

Then he noticed that the package was apple chunks. Apple, Pineapple, close enough right!! He said the pizza was good, but next time he thinks he will add brown sugar.

Avery and I shared a pizza. I put sausage and onions on mine and Avery did ham and sausage and extra extra cheese!! It was all quite yummy. I love being able to sit around the table and eat dinner together!!


3 thoughts on “Have I ever mentioned how much I love Sundays??

  1. You know, I don’t think you have ever sounded so genuinely happy as you do now. You are truly surrounded by love & light.

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