Stop growing up!!!

Some big things are happening to my darling nieces.

Avery starts kindergarten in the fall. Lyz went to kindergarten registration last week and when she got home we both had a good cry. We were talking about how at last year’s preschool graduation we discussed how we didn’t need to cry because her real preschool graduation wasn’t for another year. Um, her real graduation is like two months away!! How can she be growing up!?!?!? Make it stop!

Delaney is learning things in leaps and bounds and amazes me every day with the things she knows. For example, when we were outside the other day she started kicking around the soccer ball. And I don’t mean kicking like your average toddler, I mean actual dribbling with stutter steps and all! Then she stopped the ball, backed up and said Freeee, doooo, unnnnn and kicked it. The child just learned to count to three last week and she just pulls counting backwards out of her brain????? What in the world?

What they both have in common is what made me cry smile the most. One day a few weeks ago Lyz took Avery to see Never Say Never. Chris and I laughed. A lot. We both made lots of fun of Justin Bieber. We are not Beliebers. Lyz and Avery came home from the theater and would not stop talking about how awesome Justin Bieber is. This now means that I can never be a Justin Bieber fan because someone has to stay on Chris’s side!! A few days later Lyz bought Avery her very first copy of Tiger Beat. Inside was a poster of Bieber. Avery begged to have it hanging on the wall in her room. Lyz came back downstairs and said “Dora has been replaced.” Goodbye Dora, hello Bieber.

Delaney is a Dora freak. Seriously. She would wake up in the morning and look at you and say “Dorahh?? I want Dorahh.” And if you didn’t get Dora on the tv fast enough all hell would break loose. For Christmas and her birthday we had bought her everything Dora and she relished in it. Then came the Bubble Guppies. I watched the very first episode with Delaney and I loved it. I love the songs and the characters. It was cute and funny and we learned stuff. And then I forgot about it. Apparently Delaney did not. We no longer hear Dorahh?? All we hear all day long is Guppies?? Guppies?? I want Guppies. And it gets louder and louder each time she says it. It has gotten to the point that the three adults in the house are not really Guppies fans. Sure, they are still cute and all, but there are only like 8 episodes. You can only watch the same episode of something so many times before you want to reach into the tv and rip….

Hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t be so violent with children’s television programming.

Moral of the story is that Dora has been replaced. Both girls have moved on. It brings a little tear to my eye.


One thought on “Stop growing up!!!

  1. I know, it’s crazy eh? Bubble guppies sounds like a nightmare to me. Don’t know what it is but the title is enough to make me reach for the remote… Watching kids develop never bores me. It is amazing how the learn things and what it all means to them. Last week, M drove a police car up my boob and declared that we was going up mount “ever-arrest” to catch bad guys. Statements about the size of my boob aside, I just shook my head at the way he played on the words, not even sure where he heard about mount everest in the first place! I could only imagine if M and avery had a playdate, how much fun it would be to be a fly on the wall!. She seems like a sassy gal and M likes his girls smart, sassy and bossy… I could only imagine the trouble they could get into 🙂 One day, perhaps!

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