The fastest 24 hours of my life!!

This is going to be long because I honestly don’t even know where to begin. I guess I will say that OH MY HECK WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I got home from work Tuesday, Avery helped me pack. Then she colored a picture for me so that I could take it with me. Joni came and picked me up and we set off for the train station. She had packed us a yummy dinner and we ate happily. We were quite cute. I’d say “Where are you going today?” and she would reply “To New York City to see Martha Stewart!!! The train ride was quite fun!

As we approached NYC I got all excited. I am a city girl at heart. I love the towering buildings, the awesome architecture, the hustle and bustle!! We got off the train and crossed the street to our hotel.

Joni turned to me and said “So, what are we going to do after we check in?” UM TAKE A WALK OF COURSE! So we get up to the room and open our window and what do I see?

Empire State Building!! How awesome is that?
So we walked to the Empire State Building. {note-It is more interesting from further away unless you are there at an hour where they are doing tours} And we walked into a few shops

{Note-Chris has already teased me for all the shaky pictures. I’m sorry, I was quivering with excitement.}
Then we grabbed a bite to eat and headed to bed.
Bright and early Wednesday morning we packed up and headed to Martha’s studio.

My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. You get a whole page of instructions on the type and color of clothing you should wear. Joni and I were good direction followers so they sat us right in the front row!!

If you weren’t a good direction follower you got put in the back, or were given a colorful scarf to wear. After getting instructions on how to be a good crowd the show started. It was the craft hour:

I am not kidding when I say that my cheeks hurt. I couldn’t have stopped smiling for anything. Since it was the craft hour there were tons of giveaways. You can enter to win what she gave away here. When they started listing all of the things they were going to give us Joni and I were screaming!! After the taping was done they did some audience questions with Martha and said they will be posted on her blog soon. I really hope so because…


I couldn’t think of a question. Joey Kola (the warm up guy) had told me he would let me ask a question next and I started to panic. Joni was able to feed me a question and then it was my turn. I asked “If my fabric scissors get used for paper or vise versa, is there any way to save them?” Martha liked my question. We chatted about it. She looked at me. Martha Stewart knows that I exist. Oh.My.Heck. After we were done chatting it was time to go pick up our goodies and meet my friend Diane for lunch. As we were walking out it was mentioned that there were 15 standby tickets left for the afternoon taping. Joni and I snatched three (in cause Diane wanted to join us) right up!

When we walked out of the studio Diane didn’t recognize me. Wtth my short hair and less of me, she just didn’t know it was me!! That made my really good day even better! We talked, dropped off our goodies at the hotel and then had lunch. After lunch we went to a huge dollar store and then back to the studio where we had to say goodbye to Diane (she had to get home).

The second show was not quite as interesting as the first, but it was still totally awesome to sit there and stare at Martha Stewart. Joni says her favorite part of the trip was just watching me watch Martha. The second show will air on Friday and I know you will be able to see Joni in the audience, but I’m not sure about me.

Also during the second show I bribed Joey Kola into giving Joni and I some books. Diane had bought him a Chunky bar and I waved it in the air for him. It cracked me up the way he reacted, putting his hand over his heart and pretending to pass out against a wall!!

Everyone in Martha’s studios were so nice. They were helpful and cheerful and perfect! When we had walked in for the second show they remembered us and said “Oh you’re old hats at this, you know the drill.” That made us feel so special.

After the second Martha we hopped on the subway and went down to Times Square for a bit. It was fun to walk around and see all of the signs and shops and people!

And I had to laugh…I escaped from farm country only to be attacked by random sheep in the middle of Times Square:

I am so proud of Joni and I. We never got lost. We never panicked. We never took a wrong turn or even got slightly confused. We did this. I have much more blogging to do about how this trip has affected me, but this post has gotten plenty long enough. I had a blast. I got to talk to Martha. My cheeks hurt. Perfect trip all around!

I leave you with a slideshow of photos 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


11 thoughts on “The fastest 24 hours of my life!!

  1. A’hem. So when are you coming back, because there’s something you forgot to see!

    What a fun day, though!

  2. Heidi, it was so great to see you. You truly do look phenomenal. So glad you got to Times Square and enjoyed your visit. Thanks for spending part of it with me. Love you, Girl. 🙂

  3. That looks like so much fun! You are positively KVELLING! (yiddish for, well… overflowing with happiness– or something like that!) That looks like one awesome trip! martha’s studio is literally AROUND THE CORNER from where our KD’s live. We are there at least once a year. I wonder if we can time it sometime so we can meet up 🙂 I am so glad you had so much fun.
    And I have to say, you look amazing. You look happy, you are glowing… it’s wonderful!

    NYC is so much fun…

  4. I’m so so glad you had such a fantastic time!! You’d better come back to NY the next time I go to visit Lori 😛

  5. So exciting!!!!! I’m so glad J and I got to go see Oprah a few years back. It’s so much fun. Do you know when your show is going to air?

  6. How COOL! Not just a fast 24 hours, but pretty super fantastic, too. I’m so glad to hear you had so much fun!

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