Mingo Monday-A Rebirth

If you are reading this through a reader, please head over to the actual blog to see all the new changes that Calliope and Plaid House Designs have done for me!!

Ladies and Gentleman. Today is the day. I am going to count today, February 21, 2011 as my official ReBirth Day. I am in process of getting a new tattoo. This new tattoo will also help in the rebrithing process. I seem to mark all important life changes with a new tattoo in my old age. But more on the tattoo to come.

For now, please note the new header. I had to change it for a few reasons. First, the old header had a flamingo acting as a stork. As the baby making process is on hold for a little (I am looking into becoming a SMBC {single mother by choice} but for now am perfectly happy as a PANK {professional aunt no kids}) That Storingo had to go. Also having to go was the ying-yang. Jenn demanded that the ying-yang be added to the header. It was her way of marking her territory I suppose.

So things you should note about the new header:

  1. Calliope rocks.  She all sorts of rocks.  I emailed her what I needed and she came back with the most awesome designs ever!!
  2. When I emailed Calliope I let her know that the blog name would still be Thinking Miracles.  I said “I’ll always be thinking miracles” and she included that line in the header.  She is wise I tell you.
  3. The new flamingo.  It is actually a Phoemingo.  It is a phoenix flamingo rising from the ashes.  This is important to me in two ways.  First, because I am rising from the ashes.  I am coming out of the worst thing that has ever happened to me and I am being reborn.  Second, as we all know, I have a major Harry Potter thing and there is a phoenix in the HP books named Fawkes.  So a Phoemingo is simply perfect for me.
  4. Over there on the left…to the left of  “Thinking Miracles” and underneath “I’ll Always Be”…do you see it?  Yep, that would be my imaginary best friend, Orion.  In case you did not know, had Blue been born alive, his name would have been Orion.  We choose to keep his name as Blue after he passed only because that is how he had always been known, and felt he should always be known as the same.  Orion has always and will always be the one constant in my life.  (No, this does not mean that I love him more than any member of CLAD+J)  I simply do not remember a time when Orion was not an important part of my life.  Now he has lots of different meanings to me than he did when I was eight, but he still means peace and protectiveness, and that will always be important.
  5. I love this header.  Calliope had sent me a few, and while I loved them, I was not IN love with them (seems to be the current theme of my life!!).  Lyz would look at them and say “that’s cute”.  Then the email carrying this one came.  I cried.  It was like the day I saw my wedding dress in an ad.  I KNEW this was the header for the blog.  I instantly sent a picture of it to Lyz who instantly wrote back “I LOVE IT!”.  Even Chris showed a hint of something when he looked at it and said “yah, that is it”.  It was love at first sight.  I was speechless.  I could hardly even write back to Calliope and say it was the most perfectest header ever.


So, should you be in the hunt for a new header, Calliope is your woman.  Seriously.  And, welcome back to Mingo Monday.  Welcome to my ReBirth Day Party.  Welcome back Heidi!!


13 thoughts on “Mingo Monday-A Rebirth

  1. LOL crap umm not that you don’t love yourself but the computer must had saved your log in… so that Love you is from me =)

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