Chris makes me smile

I don’t talk about Chris enough. He is a very very awesome husband, father, son-in-law, and friend. He keeps me smiling when I find it so hard some days.


~One night we (Chris, Lyz and I) were all sitting on our respective corners of the sectional and all the sudden Chris looks up and says “Are you two seriously texting each other?” yes. Yes we are. Our toes are two inches from each other, we could simply open our mouths and talk, but it is just more fun to text okay. So I texted Lyz “Your husband is a tool” and texted Chris “Do you feel left out”. This led to a whole conversation about tools and douches and other various name calling.

~It made me laugh to see him laughing so hard at the Cee Lo performance at the Grammy’s.

~When he leaves for work I always say “Be Safe”. I have done this every time I have been around him at the moment he leaves from work, since before I moved in. Now he answers me “But that wouldn’t be any fun!”.

~He pats me on the head when he walks past.

~On Sunday I met CLAD+J at a restaurant to drop off Lyz’s work keys on my way home from work. I was heading home and they were heading out to the home show. We walked out to the cars and Lyz and I were chatting about something. Chris rolled down the window and yelled “YOU LIVE TOGETHER!!!! GET IN THE CAR!” hehehe

~The other day I was a little late leaving work and he texted me: “Where you at?” “Greenfield Road, did you need something?” “Yeah, You!” I cried. It felt so good to know that someone needed me (even if it was just because I was bringing home milk)


3 thoughts on “Chris makes me smile

  1. Chris makes me smile too. I’m glad you are surrounded with so much love. Friendships like these are rare.

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