So I’m doing things on my own now. When Jenn and I moved into our first townhouse, the first place we lived that had a washer and dryer inside, she took over laundry responsibility. I used to joke about the laundry fairy. Magically clean underwear and socks would appear in my drawers.

Then, when she got unemployed she kinda stopped doing laundry. When we moved this last time she never even really bothered at all. Laundry would pile up until one of us ran out of underwear and then she would throw in an emergency load. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t do my “chores” 100% either, but she was really slacking in the laundry department. I would offer to do laundry and get snapped at that if I did laundry then she would feel lazy. Well, if the shoe fits?? She also made me laugh one day last week when she said “Do you know what the first thing C (new girlfriend) did when she moved in was? All the laundry.” Well dear, I’m glad you found someone who will do your “chores” for you 🙂

It had gotten to the point that laundry never left the laundry room unless we were wearing it! She would leave for work in the morning and leave clothes for me to wear to work on her recliner, sometimes. Some mornings she would forget and I would have to go down to the basement and hunt through piles trying to figure out what was clean and where underwear might be.

But the whole point of this story is that I am doing my own laundry now. When Jenn did it the entire house would be covered in clothes that she didn’t put in the dryer because they would shrink. I have yet to not throw something in the dryer. Nothing has shrunk. I’m proud of myself.

Other thing I am doing on my own–bills. When I sat down two days after the break-up and decided where I wanted to open a checking account I really had no clue. My initial reaction was to stay right where I was currently banking. It is also the same bank that The Hotel uses. Then I thought for a moment about the fact that I know Jenn is still looking for a career in the banking industry. I don’t want her to be able to view my checking account! So, the natural place for me to open a new account? The bank she got “let go” from three years ago.

So now after a long process of finally getting my check card in working order (I had no idea what I made my pin number) I finally paid my first bill.

One step at a time.


8 thoughts on “Weird

  1. I know this is hard but I am glad you are starting to see that you can do this and honestly do it better! I never did understand how it made any sense to conplain about having to do laundry and then complain when someone offered to do it for her…

    You are an amzing woman who can do anything! I wish you could see you through my eyes….
    Love you

  2. Good job on taking these steps–and good luck to her new gf! I think you’ll be much happier just doing your own laundry and being able to get it done and put away instead of always wondering where the next pair of pant(ies) is coming from. And yes to the bank! I wouldn’t want any of my exes being able to see my accounts, either!

  3. You are taking it one step (or chore) at a time and that is the best thing to do! Good for you and your clothes will thank you. 🙂 Btw, I have to say this- I cannot believe they are already living together? Tiff and I were a couple for THREE years before we lived together- maybe I am old fashion but the lesbian jokes about u-hauls baffle me!

  4. I balanced my checkbook for the first time ever last week. It gave me a strange feeling of empowerment.

    Yes – one step at a time. Keep on stepping!

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