Have you ever felt the need to blog but really had no idea what to say?

I’m at work.  Waiting for 1pm to come so that I can go run some errands.  (You know, like figure out what in the world I made my pin number for my check card?  I have no clue.  I’ve tried so many different combinations.  Let this be a hint to not assign such important numbers when upset unless you are thoughtful enough to write them down for yourself later.  Problem being that I did write it down…I just haven’t the foggiest idea of where?)

I can’t seem to sit still at work.  I’ve gone from the computer, to the desk, to a book, to outside, to my boss’s office, and back again several times.

I’m still not sure how I’m feeling.  I have long stretches of complete happiness, and yes, sometimes even relief, and then I fly off the handle and hyperventilate.  This leads to a problem sometimes.  Saturday night for example.  I had gone a full 24 hours without contact with Jenn and I went into full panic mode.  I was still at work and Danielle had to listen as I freaked that Jenn could be dead.  Danielle rummaged through my purse until she came across my happy pill and shoved it down my throat (like a bezoar).

Now this is all fine and dandy.  But this was at 7:15pm.  At 7:30pm I punched out and went down to The Hotel’s Ballroom for my boss’s 40 1/4 (don’t ask) birthday party.  Open bar.  Lyz and I had quite a lot of fun.  Now, I wouldn’t say I am a heavy drinker.  I know, I’ve talked about whipped cream vodka, but really in the last three weeks I have only drank 3 nights.  This is a little more than average for me (excluding the month of December which is historically a heavy drinking month), but not way above average.  I am also a very good drinker.  I can drink a lot of people under the table.  (Yes, I may be beaming with pride and cringing because I know my mother is reading this)

In all the years I have been drinking (14) I have never had a hangover and only ever puked once (and that was Chris’s fault).  On Saturday I drank myself under the table.  Or more literally onto the hotel lobby floor.  Lyz and I had decided to leave around 10:30 and went up to the desk to visit with (and deliver a drink to) Danielle.  This is what we left behind:

Yup, we were done drinking because I could barely stand up, and that is what happened after we were done drinking.  To say I drank a lot is a complete understatement.  I’ve reread some of the texts I sent to people (including one I accidentally sent to Jenn, there are too many Jenn’s in my phone darnit!!) and they are quite hysterical!  The Jenn I meant to text commented on Facebook the next morning that someone needs to invent a drunk text translator!

Lyz had to pull over 6 times on the way home.  And then when we got home she came and stood over me in the bathroom with a cool washcloth.  Now, you and I both say “Awwwwww!!  Isn’t Lyz the best!?!?!?”  Yes, of course she is!, but what is even funnier is that she kept giggling.  She is so excited that she was able to get me drunk enough to vomit.  She was beaming with pride!

When my alarm went off on Sunday morning (only a few short hours after I had finally got the bed to stop spinning) I opened my eyes a hair…I was waiting for it.  Horrible headache.  Nausea.  More vomiting.

Nothing.  I woke up bright eyed and bushy haired.  I got in the shower, wondered if maybe I was still drunk?  Nope.  I survived it all!!


2 thoughts on “Hmmmm…

  1. wow– you are impressive!! I can’t drink half a beer (for real) without the room spinning. A bit of debauchery can always life the spirit– especially when it is in the presence of good friends 🙂 I usually opt for over-indulgence of the ice cream variety, but hey, whatever works!

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