How do I love thee…

Do you know my friend Lyz? No?? Well then you aren’t reading this blog very much. Lyz and I are certain that somehow we are sisters. Or maybe we are clones?? We are the same in so many ways. And even though we’ve known each other for 12 years we still find things where we realize, yet again, we are the same.

The other day we were sitting in her living room and she proceeded to crack me up. Usually everyone gives me the “she is so crazy” looks. Nope, it was Lyz’s turn. Avery and Delaney got a mini-baby grand piano from Santa. We were having a conversation and we both suddenly stopped talking and stared at the piano. It was playing Lady Gaga.

No, really. It was. Go ahead, think we are crazy if you must. I was all ready to start examining the piano when Lyz started almost freaking out! She grabbed the instruction manual to see if there was a radio installed in the piano. Nope. She went on to spend the next half hour studying the piano. She found that it was a local radio station, interestingly enough our favorite local radio station.

(Avery is either also amazed by the piano or is concerned about her mother’s mental status)

Several hours later I got the following picture:

(Sorry, wanted to make sure D was properly dressed for a blog appearance)
With these words: “lol all the weebles have come to a concert pssss Istill hear fm97”


Whatcha gotta say bout that?

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