Farm Show 2011

Jenn and I celebrated our 8th anniversary yesterday, and boy did we do it in style! We went to the Pennsylvania Farm Show!! Sure, it smells, but I do seriously love me some Farm Show!! I will say that I am sad that I did not see any cute little sheeps in cute little sweaters this year 😦 But, we saw lots and lots of other fun things!!

We saw Alpacas:

And thought the Alpacas were very cute:

We watched a little bit of the piggie auction:

We met Punxatawney Phil:

Drooled over the butter sculpture:

Quick story…Before we left Jenn was trying to decide which baseball cap to wear and I told her to “Pick the camo one, you’ll fit in better”. Sure enough, check out the First Place Wedding Dress, that also won Best in Show:

We rode the carousel:

We played in the kids zone:

We ate chocolate covered bacon, baked potatoes and french fries and drank wine samples and YUMMY MILKSHAKES:

We visited the baby piggies (who nurse 16 times a day by the way):

We visited the bird room, where only Avery and I seemed to not be disgusted by the smell, but the little duckies and chickies were tooo cute to notice the smell!!:

We milked a cow:

Met a state politition and made inappropriate, yet terribly funny jokes:

And then we went home:

To sing Happy Birthday to Blue:

And eat the yummy blue cupcakes:


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