In 2011 I want to…

I don’t want to make resolutions because I don’t want to hate myself if I fail. Instead, I want to just make a list of things I want to do!

1-I want to do everything I do because I want to do it. Not because someone else suggested I do it, or because I think someone else wants me to do it. This is going to be the year of me. (this is not directed at anyone…I realized after I typed it that someone might think I’m telling them to leave me alone, so not the point)

2-I want to finish the project I started in November. It was going to be a Christmas gift for someone, but I never got it finished. I want to finish it this year. I should have realized that getting it done between November and Christmas simply wasn’t going to happen. It is going to take more than a few weeks.

3-I want to cook more. This may have additional perks such as saving Jenn and I calories and money from avoiding take out. But I don’t want to to it because I want to lose weight. I want to do it because I do enjoy cooking. I would like to try 3 new recipes a month. I would say one a week, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen when we are super busy.

4-I want to finish the basement. I want to finish setting up my crafting area and I want to make myself a meditation corner. I’ve added some silly things to my Amazon wish-list so that I can have the worlds cutest meditation corner ever. I loved the acupuncture I did back when ttcing, and started to meditate then too. I loved it, but walked away from it for one reason or another. I want to run back into its arms.

5-I want to think about spirituality. This is not to say that I want to get back on speaking terms with the big guy, just that I want to have a spirit full of peace. This want has a lot to do with the above want.

6-Most importantly I want to make sure that the people I love don’t doubt for one moment how much I love them. I want to make sure I spend the entire year showering them with the love I feel. Well, most of them. I don’t forsee showering Chris with a lot of emotion. Although he did give me the world’s best hug on New Year’s Eve. I may have teared up!!

So those are my six wants for the year. I want much more, but these are the first six that I plan on focusing on. I will update ya’ll on how I’m doing with them all!!
(like, Jenn and I started deep cleaning the house the other night, if the rest of the house is perfectly clean I feel like I can go work in the basement without feeling guilty. I’ve also been printing tons of recipes I want to try!!)

7 thoughts on “In 2011 I want to…

  1. I like your want list 🙂

    Especially the recipe one – I’ve been thinking about adding that to my list as well.

  2. I’m interested in knowing how you would like to think more about spirituality and not communicate with our creator. That would be like trying to think more about our relationships with our partners and not talk to them. Just asking:-)

  3. spirituality does not have to mean “God”. I am very spiritual, but with nature. I believe in balance among all things, that nature brings calmness. Spirituality can mean an inner calmness and resolve. In my opinion there is not a high power more higher then mother nature.

    This is Jenn!! But those that know me, knew that I was not going to not comment on this post!!!

  4. Jenn,

    I asked Heidi the question, not you. I didn’t ask it with any mean spirit, but was just curious how any person would want to think about spiritual things and not talk to God. Thats all.

    Since you responded: I wonder how the impersonal force of nature (fate) brings balance and calmness? Ask the people in New Orleans what they think of mother nature. Ask the children in Sudan and all over Africa who have aids and are starving what they think. You have the right to your own opinion, but Ben Franklin also said you have that right if you can logically explain it. For me, I believe in a personal God and I also believe that Heidi’s precious Blue is in the arms of Jesus. Both you and Heidi have the opportunity to have Jesus put Blue back in your arms. Now thats hope and truth.


  5. Barb-

    I think that spirituality without a higher power is completely achievable. As a matter of fact, every time I think of the concept of god I get more and more angry. If he is up there and is the cause of Katrina and Sudan and Haiti, then I don’t want to look up to a man who allows such things.

    I’m not speaking to God because I did once believe in him. Just like Santa Claus was taken away from me, god has been too. I cannot imagine why he would have made the choice to take OUR son away from us. Now, nature and science, that I can understand. My body may have rejected Blue because of some kind of birth defect. Nature. Science. It is something I can wrap my head around. I can’t change gravity. I can’t pray to gravity to go away, I simply have to accept it.

    Just like you find it hard to believe that some people cannot find spirituality without a higher power, I find it hard to believe that people believe in a higher power. This God who has given many I love cancer, took away my son and the children of many people I love, and has made it so that Jenn’s cousin (18) is laying in a hospital bed and I am forced to “pray” for someone else to die so that she can get a set of lungs? Nope. I just can’t see believing in that making me feel more spiritual.

    That being said I am very respectful of other people’s beliefs. Even odder, I have a heck of a lot of religious knowledge. Lyz has sent Avery to me to answer religious questions. I know all the foundations and a lot of the deeper stuff too, I just can’t find the faith behind it all.

    Thank you for asking the question 🙂 It feels good to be able to explain it and I hope you understand a little better.


  6. Thank you Heidi for your explaination. I respect your honesty.

    I really hope that someday you will see that it was “man”, not God who chose to sin. I also hope that some day you will understand that God the Father killed His Son for your sins and my sins. We can be wrong about a lot of things in this life, but “we” better not be wrong about eternity.

    Thanks again, and I will not bring up this subject again on “your” blog.


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