Happy New Year!!!

Well, things didn’t get as wild and crazy as they have in the past, mostly because Jenn was sick. I will say that she did do a darn good job of trying to ignore her cold. She even danced with me:

And when I yet again proved that I cannot dance, she moved on to dancing with my boss’s mother:

We did have fun though:

Then I got stalked by this crazy woman:

Jenn went to bed shortly after the stroke of midnight. She made me promise not to let anyone draw on her face with marker.
She did not make me promise to not let someone put their hiney in her face while she slept

But she did wake up and smack the hiney before I could get a picture!!


One thought on “Happy New Year!!!

  1. You did look like you were having a good time! And your hair has gotten sooo long!! It hasn’t been that long since you cut it last, has it?

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