Christmas in Hershey (the sweetest place on earth)

For Christmas Eve Eve we headed up to HP and had some RR before. (HersheyPark/Red Robin)

It was burrrrr cold! But we were all bundled up so we kept warm and had an awesome time!!

Lyz and Avery in the first car, Jenn and Delaney in the second)


Jenn put poor Delaney in this ride backwards! I wish I had a good picture of the look on D’s face when she realized she was going the wrong way! (I was too busy laughing hysterically to get a good picture)

Avery and Delaney riding the mini pirate ship.

Lyz, Jenn, Avery and I rode the big pirate ship twice in a row. It is just too much fun!! Avery wasn’t sure she wanted to ride it at first, but then loved it so much that when we go back next week (hello free preview plan at HersheyPark) she wants to ride it five times!!


Whatcha gotta say bout that?

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