Merry Christmas, Jenn

Jenn has been begging to get her eyebrow pierced for forever. Pretty much since she started her new job and they said they want their employees to express themselves and employees are allowed to have whatever color hair, visible tattoos and piercings.

But, she always made me the bad guy. “Heidi won’t let me”. Um, I never said that?? I always said “When do you want to go?” The whole month of October our tattoo place had a piercing special on Wednesdays, but Jenn always said “Heidi doesn’t want me to”. I don’t care. I certainly wasn’t “Oh Jenn, I shall only think you look good if you get your eyebrow pierced” but I wasn’t “NO” either.

So, last night was our Christmas Shopping night. I had arranged it all before hand by finding an excuse to go to the tattoo parlor: Lyz wanted more barbells for her tongue piercing for Christmas. If Jenn said “Hey, while we are there can I get my eyebrow done?” I was to respond with “You would need an appointment, haven’t you seen how busy they are on their Facebook statuses??”

I even called and made an appointment. So when we walked in and saw Riley (not Muffin) and Riley said “Hey, you ready?” Jenn was all…ummm for? And then she got her eyebrow pierced!! It was so exciting!! She was so surprised 🙂

I managed to watch most of it…until she started to bleed.

And here is the finished product:

Yay Jenn!!


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