Winter Wonderland

Sunday, December 19 was the last day at the Christmas Tree Farm. Which to us means the beginning of the Christmas festivities! Lyz and I spend one afternoon at the farm planning out all of the Christmas activities we wanted to do, and fit them all into our calendar so that we could get them done on those few days between tree farm and Christmas.

So, on Sunday the 19th we headed to Dutch Wonderland after we said goodbye to the farm. Jenn was stuck at work (darn retail job) so we was CLAD+Me+Baam.

Chris and I live by mostly the same ride code. We can spin (carousel, Ferris wheel) but we cannot spin while we are spinning (teacups). We both like heights, we both love rollar coasters. But apparently there is one small difference. Chris is NOT a fan of the pirate ship.
But, Avery begged him to ride it with her, so he did!!

Hard to see in this tiny picture, but Chris is right in front of the bright orange. He stared directly straight the entire time!

The other ride Chris and I don’t agree on is the Turnpike. You know, the old fashion cars that you “drive” around a track. I hate them. I hate all cars. But, Avery wanted to drive me around so we did!

The girls had a blast:


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