O Tannenbaum

(this is one of the very few songs I remember from my years as a German language students. I always sing the German version of it and I don’t know the English words to the song at all)

As you may have noticed I’ve been a bit missing from the blogosphere. If I am not at work, I can typically be found at the Christmas tree farm. If you ever have the opportunity to do a Christmas tree stand DO IT!! Sure, we complain that it is absolutely freezing outside. Sure, we have no free time in the weeks leading up to Christmas. BUT HOLY HECK IS IT FUN!! (Said by the girl who sits in the office and does no actual labor or standing out in the freezing cold). What is Christmas after all but a season of being with the ones you love??

And…I’m so knowledgeable about Christmas trees now that people email me for my opinions on tree care!! Hi Sara and her mother WHO DOES IT WRONG!! (hehehe)
And what better way to show you our fun than…PICTURES!!!
The local news came out a did a story about us:

They even did a live feed!:

We get to look at and smell some beautiful Christmas trees all the time:

We roam around and visit different areas of the farm:

(Nah. NAH. Look!! Yuckies!!)
(note to self, take a picture today of Delaney and Baby Shesus, if it isn’t toooo cold)

And then there is always the in the office fun, like:
Play Oooo Ahhh:

Read stories:

Get all dressed up:

Make funny faces:

Take the occasional nap:

Do our makeup:

And by far the most fun, photocopy our faces:

So, like I said before JUST DO IT!! Really, you cannot help but be full of the Christmas Spirit when you run a Christmas Tree Lot!!

Dear Heidi,
Why are there hardly any pictures of Avery?
An Avery Fan

Dear Avery Fan,
Because she doesn’t love us anymore and has run away to live with Baam.
A sad Auntie

(no really, she would live with Baam if Lyz and Chris would let her. Every time she comes back she says “Can I go sleep with Baam??”)


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