Friday, December 3 we celebrated Chris’s 30th Birthday!!  (His actual birthday was Sunday the 12th)  We had his party at The Hotel and had a total blast!!

Does that cake rock or what!?!?!?
I was helping people with coats, and carrying the camera and my drink when I realized I needed an extra arm or three. Solution? Store the drink in your bra:

(Lyz and my boss)

You know it is a good birthday party when…

The birthday boy all but passes out!

Then there was another birthday.

Can you believe that Delaney is 2?!?!? Where did the last two years go?? How did she go from this:

To this:

She had a Dora party to end all Dora parties. She would just point at each and every Dora and say Dooorahhh!!!

She got me a present for her birthday. She has finally settled on a name for me. I am Nah. We think this is because of the phrase “Jenn and Heidi” that she thinks the first syllable of my name is And and has turned the And Hi into Nah. I don’t care what she calls me, I’m just thrilled that after two years I finally have a name! I will admit that Nah sounding nothing like Heidi makes it slightly confusing when she is trying to get my attention!!

Happy Birthday, Chris!!!
Happy Birthday, Delaney!!!

I am so lucky to have the two of you in my life!!!


One thought on “Birthdays!!!

  1. LOVE, looked like the party was a blast! Unfortunatly, I read this while at work and I spit soda all over the computer screen when I saw the soda in the bra pic…now I have to clean up 😛

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