Mingo Monday 12-6-10

I have been meaning to show off these two mingos for awhile. But I kept forgetting to take their pictures. Well I remembered to bring the camera to work this morning so here we go!

Get Better Mingo #1

I have a favorite Aunt. Her name is Kari. I don’t see or talk to her all that often, but she will always be my favorite. I did hear she has texting, so maybe I will start texting her! (it is my preferred method of communication after all!)

Kari and her husband David adopted the most adorable little boy, Will. So when I was in the hospital for my gallbladder surgery they sent me a get better card. Now I kinda “blame” Kari for the flamingo obsession. If you go way back to the very first Mingo Monday you will see why.

Anywho, Kari helped will make me a get well soon card:

Isn’t it adorable!! I love it so much! Thank you!!

Get Better Mingo #2
A few days after I got home from the hospital I was surprised by another envelope in my mailbox. Inside was adoption papers for my very own flamingo from the National Zoo!!

She (He?) was given to me as a get better present by the wonderful members of my “book club”. Book club is in quotes because it isn’t really a book club, but the group of women (and a couple of men) that I have been friends online with since 2002. We all met when planning our weddings and have been rocking the online forums ever since.

Thank you!! (Especially Debi, Heather and Lori (in alphabetical order so that they don’t think I’m more thankful for one over the other)


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