She said it!

My darling coworker, and co-Harry-obsessor, Danielle was talking today and while she was describing herself she said something that describes me too.

She said “I cannot simply like something.  I have to become immersed in it, obsessed with it.”

Yep.  I finished the Little House series and spent significant time at work today planning a vacation to Missouri.  There is a museum and homestead there.

I can’t wait for Jenn to get this news.  She is going to be so excited!!!

(No, not actually taking the vacation yet, but it was fun to pretend and it made work go faster!)


One thought on “She said it!

  1. I’m the same way. I said on twitter the other day that I tend to be utterly baffled when I encounter “casual” fans, as I call them.

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