Thanksgiving is less than a week away and I am…could it be…EXCITED about it? Short of driving to Michigan, which as Jenn now works retail is impossible as she will be working 12-16 hours on Wednesday and 12-16 hours on Friday, I am going to spend the holiday with my favorite people.

Yes, we are celebrating Thanksgiving this year. We will not be celebrating “that day after Wednesday” by having lunch at Ruby Tuesday (hmmm…do you think they will sell me a container of periwinkle pumpernickel croutons??)  Earlier this year I made the decision to celebrate.  We were standing in what was to become the foyer of Joni’s house and she was hemming and hawing about buying the house.  I looked into the beautiful dining room and I said “If you bought this house, I would break my rule and have Thanksgiving dinner in it.”  I cried.  Joni cried and hugged me.  The homeowner stared at us like we were insane.

I emailed my Aunt Jutta for a recipe that reminds me of Thanksgiving growing up.  If it works out, and I can get my camera to love me again, I shall take pictures of my adventure and post it here.

I am also looking forward to my craziest freebie ever coming in time for Thanksgiving.  Again, pictures, if available, will be coming.

I’m sure you expected this post to be full of my feelings about the Harry Potter movie.  I must calm down a little before I post about it.  I will say I had a blast!!  Maybe most of my fun came before the movie and today at work discussing it with Danielle.  But, I shall save that for another post!


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