Mingo Monday 11/15/10

Tis the Season!!

My mom sent me some money for my birthday and Jenn made me promise to buy something that wasn’t rational and that I normally wouldn’t buy for myself.

So I bought:

SantaMingo, two ReinMingos and Rudy the Red-Beak ReinMingo.

Aren’t they totally adorable? You should see the directions that came with them. Such wonderful tidbits as:

#2-Squeeze ball and find opening in ball. Squeeze and push on Rudy’s beak. (Which one of the three is Rudy? Who knows? Ask all three)

#4-Straighten, bend and move antlers in direction and appearance you wish. (After all everyone’s hair or antlers get ruffled laying too long in a box.)

#6-Twist tie Christmas bow around RudiMingo’s neck, after all, this is not Easter.

I love them. I admire them every morning when I leave for work, and every evening when I get home. When CLAD+J came over the other night I showed them off.

Jenn, she loves them too, although she won’t admit it. She rolls her eyes and asks “What did I get into when I married you??”


2 thoughts on “Mingo Monday 11/15/10

  1. Hi, I just found your blog and OMG I LOVE FLAMINGOES! So I am super-excited to have something new to look forward to every Monday! 🙂

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